QOTW: Traveling with Multiples

I just got back yesterday from a 7 night Caribbean cruise with almost my entire family. I’m writing this post 4 days before I leave for said vacation, so I can’t tell you if it was fabulous or not. I can almost guarantee it was!

Traveling anywhere with children can be daunting. There’s always so many extras to pack, lists to make and still somehow someone forgets a toothbrush. Am I right? Since many of us will be traveling this summer I thought today would be a good day to share some helpful tips and tricks for surviving traveling with our kiddos.

Before we leave I have at least 2-5 lists of things that need to get done, need to get packed, and then cross reference them. I have mentioned that I am Monica Gellar-esque before, right? I make lists of what each person will need for the trip, like how many pairs of underwear or a specific toy. I also make a general list, like ibuprofen and a travel first aid kit. Then I break it down by carry-on bag and regular luggage. In my opinion, organization is key when traveling with kids. I also recommend getting yourself a little booklet that you can keep all of your travel info in so you don’t have to dig through your bag each time. When we went on our honeymoon we received this great three pocket book that keeps everything organized. I use it all the time. Naturally, I cannot find anything similar to it, but I found an organizer on Amazon that looks pretty decent.

I’ve flown with my kiddos twice, well technically four times since both trips were roundtrip. The first time I flew with my husband and the kids were 6 months old. We had separate seats for them and brought their car seats on board. At this age, if they aren’t sitting in your lap or in a carrier, I really recommend the car seats. The second time I flew up by myself with the kids and they were 3. Scott was able to get me to the gate using an escort pass (I don’t know if that’s the technical name for it), which was a huge help with getting through security. We checked their car seats, and they each had their own seat on the plane. I brought portable DVD players and coloring books for them. It was  a breeze. I also recommend bringing your stroller and checking it at the gate, it made getting to and from the gate so much easier.

Other tips for flying?

  • If you know say 5pm is always a hairy time for your kiddos, try not to schedule a flight around that time.
  • Bring snacks with you. Let’s be honest those small bags of pretzels wouldn’t even fill up a mouse.
  • Pack some new toys or books for your kids and don’t let them see them until they are on the plane. The dollar section at Target is fabulous for finding little prizes for the plane.
  • Make sure you have easy to remove shoes on everyone when going through TSA. Even newborns have to remove shoes. Seriously.

What are some tips that you have for traveling? 

Be sure to leave your answers in the comment section and if you have a post already written about this topic be sure to leave the link!

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  1. When we have traveled with our multiples, we have asked for the handicapped room if it is available. They are on the end of the hall, so if kids are noisy, they only bother one room next door, not two! We have two pack n plays and would squish them in the bathroom and shut the door. Worked great! also, I’m anti-double stroller because they take so much room. We would take two Jeep umbrella strollers. They are smaller and my older kids (6 & 3 at the time) could push the girls in their strollers, leaving me to direct everyone or enjoy the scenery!

    When I flew alone with my twins, I checked one carseat and kept one child in her carseat. The carseat-less child was baby bjorned and then held on my lap. The child in the carseat, I pushed in a luggage cart (I strapped it to the cart so she wasn’t falling sideways when I turned a corner! In some airports, I had help from the flight crews and in some airports I had to do all the work.

    Now we make each child carry their own stuff in a backpack which eliminates me carrying more suitcases!

  2. We just returned from vacation a week ago, and I also posted on this same topic – http://fullhandsfullheartblog.blogspot.com/2012/06/toddler-travel-tips.html

    Our boys (18 months) did great on the plane, thanks to snacks and new toys/books like you also suggested. Hope your vacation was wonderful!

  3. Hope your vacation was wonderful! We also just returned from our summer vacation and posted some “do’s” and “don’ts” here: http://fullhandsfullheartblog.blogspot.com/2012/06/toddler-travel-tips.html
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  4. We mostly drive rather than fly and most of our trips require a mid-trip hotel stop. For those, I always pack a separate overnight bag. I also list out everything we bring into the hotel (pack n plays, DVD players, chargers, whatever) and use it as a reference when we leave in the morning to make sure we’ve forgotten nothing.
    Other than that, lists and organization is key. We’ll travel for the first time with the twins in a couple of weeks and I’m just crossing my fingers it will go well.
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  5. We just returned from a trip to Florida with our 18-month-old twins. It was definitely a learning experience! I posted some of the things that worked (and some that didn’t) here: http://fullhandsfullheartblog.blogspot.com/2012/06/toddler-travel-tips.html

    Hope your trip was wonderful!


  6. I’ve been travelling alone with my twins since they were 10 months old…I blog all about in this post!


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