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The winter plague is among most of us. Every time I talk to my parents in Chicago they are telling me about how the hospitals cannot even handle the amount of people with the flu right now. This past week I was home with Jill because she had a case of “the yuckies” (you know, the mysterious illness that forces you to sit and weigh the pros and cons of visiting your pediatrician) and really, there is nothing worse than a sick child or children. I spent most of my time with my Lysol wiping everything down and refilling her orange juice. So here’s my question:

How do you handle sick kids? Do you have a routine that you go through?

Leave your answer in the comment section and if you have a post, leave the link!

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  1. We had a situation before Christmas where twin 1 went to have an operation and caught pnumonia whilst in hospital, which meant having his 5th birthday away from twin 2 which was very hard, then he had 2 weeks of re cooperate, in which time twin 2 caught chickenpox and when he was due back at school twin 1 caught it! We’ve also had a very nasty virus over the new year where our whole family was extremely poorly all at once, I’ve never known anything like it, it was the hardest time, normally one twin catches something then the other but we all had it together, we just had to push through with it just to look after the twins. If it is a cold/ cough etc I dose them up with calpol etc and plenty of vitamin c but nothing was helping with this virus, I’m glad to say we’re over it now but it was such hard work just to do basic things.

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