QOTW: Holiday Card Link Up

I love giving and receiving holiday cards. All of the cards we receive get taped to the back of our front door for everyone to see. I will say this though, I hate taking photos for said holiday card. Something always seems to go amuck when it comes to our cards. Let me tell you about last year and our photos.

Last year we took our photos and they were AWESOME. Yes, that warranted all caps. I ordered our cards and they were equally awesome. When our cards arrived they most definitely were not ours, they were rainbow coming out cards. I’m not even kidding. Best part? The company I used was giving them to me as part of a review. Needless to say, there were no cards sent last year.

To make up for last year, I was excited to take photos in a great location and envisioned perfection. Naturally, that’s not what happened. This year when we went to take them both kids had sinus infections and it was unseasonable cold that day. It did not make for the happiest, or merriest, of photos.

I know all of us have fun stories behind our cards so I thought it would be fun though, to link up all of our holiday cards. I can’t wait to see your families!

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