QOTW: Halloween Costumes

I know, it’s crazy we are already talking about Halloween! I’ve seen people talking about costumes already and when I popped by Target last night they already had costumes out.

For the kiddos first Halloween (they were only a few months old) I just put them in “Happy Halloween” shirts and had banana costumes that they wore for one photo. The next year they were Tinker Bell and Peter Pan, the year after that a train engineer and Alice, and finally last year they were Snow White and a pirate. I really only coordinated them the one year.

So here’s my question:

Do you coordinate your multiples Halloween costumes or do you let them do their own thing? What are some of your favorite costume combos?

Leave your answer to the question in the comment section and if you have a post about it leave the link!

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  1. The first year (the boys’ birthday is 4 days after halloween.) my mom informed me she had already bought fabric to make their costumes, assuming they would be early. So they were a lion and a monkey, which were super cute. http://goteamwood.com/2010/10/31/happy-halloween/ I didn’t get a say, really, Grandma already decided for me. So the next year I went with what I knew I wanted, Mario and Luigi, and man were they cute! http://goteamwood.com/2011/10/23/boo-at-the-zoo/

    This year we will be at Disney World, so we are doing a family Disney theme, most likely Peter Pan/Tinkerbell/Hook/Smee. The boys are pirate crazed so they are gonna be the Hook and Smee. 🙂

    I will pick and theme their costumes as long as they will let me. But already they have changed their minds. They wanted to be pirates, hence Hook and Smee, and then today they wanted to be Buzz and Woody. Who knows what they will end up with, almost-3-year-olds change their minds a lot!
    Jen Wood recently posted…366: Day 245My Profile

  2. The first year they wore matching alligator costumes, a score from goodwill. The second year they were a monkey, giraffe, and my husband was a zoo keeper. Last year they were Thomas and James: http://www.mattandstephaniesblog.com/2011/11/halloween-2011/ My husband made the costumes and it was so much fun. This year they will be firefighters because that is what they are obsessed with right now. In the future they can either coordinate or be different, no preference either way.

  3. Last year was my twins first halloween & dressed them in skelton pajama along with their brother that is 18 months older than them. I think its cute. I also like to dress them in thing that are the same but differnt colors. They have their whole lives to figure themselves out, but while they are still little & sweet & cute I’m gonna matchy match them 😉

  4. The first year the were “Monkey See, Monkey Do”. We just embroidered regular monkey costumes.

    The next ear they were “Thing 1 and Thing 2”. Shower cap wigs were perfect.

    Last year they were the Doublemint Twins. I painted the boxes and painted myself a Big Red box.

    This year I’m thinking about going for Mario and Luigi.

    I’m going to embrace the adorable twin costumes for as long as the boys will let me. I love it.

  5. The first year they were only six months old so they just wore little onesies that said, “This is my costume”.
    The next year we went with the tried and true Thing 1 and Thing 2.
    Their third Halloween they wore matching princess costumes from their dress-up box because they changed their mind every day and I wasn’t going to spend a bunch of money for them to change their mind again.
    Last year they wanted to be Blue Macaws from the movie Rio.
    This year they are thinking a ladybug and a bumble bee. I found some darling costumes online. Going to give it a few more days before I hit the “Buy” button just in case Merida or bat girl seems more appealing tomorrow.
    TwinMomMichelle recently posted…First Day of Pre-KMy Profile

  6. Maria Dripps-Paulson

    I have four children: 3 GGG triplets and 1 B singleton
    Triplet’s 1st year = 3 little pigs with the Big Bad Wolf complete with houses of straw, sticks, and bricks
    Triplet’s 2nd year = 3 jailbirds with a policeman compete with jail cell (created bars around the triplet stroler)
    Triplet’s 3rd year = 1 fish, 1 lobster, and 1 tin can with 1 fisherman complete with row boat
    Triplet’s 4th year = 3 ballerinas and 1 unrelated R2D2 (spent the time on the Droid’s costume)

    THIS YEAR? Unknown as yet, though, this mother would love to have any of the following:
    + 3 pieces of sushi and a sushi chef
    + 4 seasons
    + Stages of a Butterfly
    + One of these things is NOT like the other

  7. Love this question! It’s hard to believe it’s already time to start thinking about Halloween costumes. Plus it gave me something to blog about today 😉

  8. Wow, some really great ideas in the comments already. Last year my twin boys were Superman and Clark Kent. Here’s a picture: http://www.fullhands-fullhearts.com/2012/08/50-halloween-costume-ideas-for-twins.html

    Not sure what we’ll do yet this year, but I’m guessing something from the list.
    Holli recently posted…Fall HarvestMy Profile

  9. I like to coordinate. The first year the boys were monkeys. After that my sister started selling these awesome crochet hats that she designs. Since we are in Alaska and there is snow o the ground when we trick or treat all you see is the hats anyway.
    So the second year the boys were a black bear and a brown bear. http://remotealaska.blogspot.com/2010/11/fairbanks-trip-and-halloween.html
    The next year the boys were monsters from Monster’s Inc http://remotealaska.blogspot.com/2011_11_01_archive.html
    This Year the boys are going to be pirates and Sister is going to be a mermaid
    You can check out my sisters site she has hundreds of customizable hats and also sells the patterns if you like to crochet. If nothing else it might give you some ideas.

  10. The first year, they were 30 days old, and I dressed them as droogs from A Clockwork Orange. The nezlxt year theyvwere waddling toddlers, so I made them Penguin costumes. Last year they refused their ghost costumes, so they were fairies instead. This year one wants to be a princess and the other wants to be a robot. I’ll give them another few weeks to be sure.
    Lea recently posted…The Lie of MotherhoodMy Profile

  11. This is my girls’ first Halloween they’ll be 11 days shy of one year old. I tried to pick costumes that fit their personality. So my One daughter who is very huggy and snuggly is going to be a koala because she gigs so tight -and my other baby who is quite active, bouncy etc. is going to be a kangaroo. I figured this way they have something unique to them, but it ties together in my mind as australian animals. Contemplating dressing up to match myself somehow. Also plan to make down sort of girl marker for them- maybe bows on their ears?

  12. Last year at age 2, I dressed my triplets up in basic fireman hats and red shirts and we decorated their choo choo wagon into a fire truck. It was great because they all stayed contained during the outing!

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