QOTW: Advent Ideas

While spending some quality time on Pinterest the other day I found a bunch of ideas for Advent this year for my kids and then the lovely Mandy of Twin Trials and Triumphs emailed to ask for ideas for Advent. Coincidence? I think not.

This year is the first time we will be doing anything Advent related with our kids. I bought the traditional chocolate Advent calendar last week and cannot wait to eat all of Jillian’s chocolate…um, I mean…share in this tradition with the kids. So here’s the QOTW:

Do you and your family do an Advent calendar every year? What kind is it? Do you do any other activities with your kids for Advent?

Leave your answer in the comment section, or if you have a blog post about it, leave the link.

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  1. We are using Ann Voskamp’s Jesse Tree Advent Calendar that has a scripture, devotion and “task” to do, the 27 days leading up to Christmas. This way, the focus remains about what Christmas is about and our kids learn a little more each day. Even though they are young, they will pick up on things year after year. The “task” usually involves serving someone else and is not meant to be a gift or something for yourself.

    Goal is to stop being consumers, and be people that give back.

  2. We do Advent every year. Sometimes they get pieces of candy. Sometimes they get an ornament for the tree. Sometimes they get activities (stickers, coloring books, etc.). Sometimes their Advent gift is something special we’re doing that day/night (light show, drive around to see Christmas lights, etc.). We really try to vary it based on what we have laying around the house and what we are capable of doing on a given evening! Oh, and sometimes we completely forget about it! Those nights are when we watch a Christmas movie!
    Rebecca @ Unexplained X2 recently posted…Twisted Things the Crazies Say on a TuesdayMy Profile

  3. We are starting this year, my boys are 3. I’m planning to use each day to showcase a letter of the alphabet, Christmas style since we are really working on letters. My grand plan is to have an activity each day to tie into the letter. M = go to a movie, C = make cookies, etc
    We shall see…
    Jen recently posted…The Circus!My Profile

  4. I just posted some of my favorite ideas I’ve collected over the past couple of months. I’ll be doing some heavy-duty crafting over this next week to get ready. I can’t wait!

    MandyE recently posted…Ideas for AdventMy Profile

  5. We do an activity based advent calendar. Each day of advent we do one Christmas or family related activity. We’ve done things like hiking and picnics for family. Christmas activities can be as simple as coloring a Christmas picture, having a dance party, or stuff we would do anyway like get and decorate a tree, drive around and look at lights.

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