Product Review: Nickelodeon’s Happy Halloween and Lego Universe

This is really the first year my kiddos have gotten into Halloween, so they loved watching the Nickelodeon Happy Halloween DVD. It had all of their favorite characters, and even one of my favorites (Blue!). The entire DVD was great and I have a feeling we will be watching it year-round, not just at Halloween. Here is a synopsis of each episode on the DVD:

Dora the Explorer – Boo!: It’s Halloween, and Dora and Boots are out trick-or-treating when a cute Little Monster surprises them. Dora and Boots must embark on a spooky journey to help Little Monster hurry home before the arrow on the big clock strikes 12 – and in time for a Halloween party!

Go Diego, Go! – Freddie the Fruit Bat Saves Halloween!: It’s Halloween! Diego, Alicia and Freddie the fruit bat are setting up trick-or-treating booths for all the animals when suddenly they hear a cry for help. Diego uses Click to try and see what animals are in trouble and finds out it’s the llamas! They were bringing goodie bags to the Rescue Center when suddenly a bridge broke. Amigos, we’ve got to fix the bridge so that the llamas can bring the treats to our party! ¡Al rescate!

Wonder Pets! – Save the Bat: The Wonder Pets travel to Transylvania to help a Baby Bat who is afraid of the dark.

Wonder Pets! – Save the Acting Donkey: The Wonder Pets head to the Old Globe Theatre in England to help a Shakespearian-actor Donkey who is not prepared for his performance.

Yo Gabba Gabba – Halloween: It’s time for the Yo Gabba gang to dress up in outrageous costumes and take part in gathering their own private stash of candy. “The Fall Song” celebrates the changing seasons, while the “Halloween Party Song” and “Trick-or-Treat Song” teaches shows kids what happens on Halloween. “Too Much Candy” helps showcase that eating candy in moderation is best. Come sing along to these great tunes!

Blue’s Clues – What is Blue Afraid of?: Blue is scared and we play Blue’s Clues to determine what’s frightening her. As we search for clues, we investigate shadows and conceptualize what objects are making them; decipher extreme close-up photos taken by Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper; and label the source of scary sounds within a haunted house!

Ni Hao, Kai-lan – Ni Hao, Halloween: Trick or treat, it’s Halloween! Kai-lan and her friends dress up to go trick or treating with YeYe. Kai-lan is a dinosaur, Tolee’s a panda, Hoho’s the Monkey King, and Rintoo is his favorite – a dragon! But just when they set out to trick or treat, Rintoo sprains his ankle and realizes that means he can’t go trick or treating. It’s up to you and Kai-lan to make things better for Rintoo, so that he can have an amazing Halloween.

Like I said, this whole DVD was great. I love that Nick Jr. shows teach your kids something while they watch. Plus, I think it sparks some imaginative and creative play.


We also got to review Lego’s newest game, Lego Universe (rated E 10+). I’m not a video game kind of girl, but my husband Scott certainly is. I’m not exaggerating, he asked if he could bring his PS3 to the hospital when our twins were born (he was vetoed). Here’s Scott’s review:

I have always been a fan of video games, both computer and on gaming consoles. So when Amanda asked me to review a new PC game she received I was very excited. Yes the twelve year old boy came out in full force. Lego Universe is an online multiplayer game that continues the old battle of bad versus good. In this case, you are trying to save imagination and rid the world of chaos. When I first started playing the game I really did not have any expectations but needless to say I was impressed with many of the details. The graphics on the game are very good, and the options within the game are numerous. The game really lets you choose your path through the game with many different options to accomplish a certain goal. I guess the best way to save imagination is to make you use yours.

When you first begin the game you have to create an account with Lego. It is initially free, however after the first month you will have to pay for a subscription to continue playing the game. Once you’re in the game you get to create your character to you own likings. As the game progresses you will get new items to add to your character to really customize it. You also have the opportunity to create your own world by building whatever you can imagine and bring it to life. You can explore with your new online friends and do battle against the forces of evil. The rating on this game is E 10+ which is good for everyone ten and up and I agree with that rating.

As some of you may or may not know I work in the security field so that is always a main concern to me as both a parent and security professional. There is a good conduct standard that comes with the game that you have to agree to. They do not allow bad language, bullying, or cheating. If you break these rules a moderator will not allow you to continue playing.

There were only two problems I had with the game. First, since it is an online game there may be times where there is a lot of lag depending on your internet provider and the number of people online at the time. The second as I mentioned before I have never really been a fan of pay to play games, the subscription fee is 9.99 for one month, 49.99 for six months, and 89.99 for one year.

Overall, this is a great game that will definitely push the imagination and problem solving skills for any age that plays it. There are great graphics and plenty of options to keep you engrossed in the game for a long time. The game is a delicate blend of simplicity and complexity for all age groups. I thoroughly enjoyed playing this game.

Want a chance to win a copy of the game and a one month subscription?

The first way to enter is to text the number on the stencil image above. The second is to follow 43KIXFL on Twitter. If you take a photo of your pumpkin carved with the LEGO face you will be entered to win a copy of the game.

If you do use the above stencil be sure to share your photos on our Facebook or Twitter page! I’d love to see them!

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