Product Review (& Giveaway!): Mabel’s Labels

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Have you ever gotten your babies’ bottles or sippies mixed up? Gone to a playdate and lost a few toys, or brought someone else’s home with you? Lost a bottle, cup, hat, or shoe at day care? All of these problems are solved with Mabel’s Labels All-Time Classic Labels. I was lucky enough to get a sample to test out, and I chose the Skinny-Mini variety,(smaller, less conspicuous) and they were perfect for my kids smaller toys, sippy cups, and toothbrushes!

Mabel’s Labels are available in a variety of colors, and all come embellished with your choice of decorative icon- I chose a little dog for ours, but there are tons to choose from! They are microwave/dishwasher-safe, water and UV resistant, so they will hold up from wash to wash.

Personally, my kids and I attend a lot of playdates, where everyone brings a bag toys for everyone to play with. Often times, we bring the same toys, or someone’s toys get placed in the wrong bag when we’re cleaning up, so I found the labels especially helpful in avoiding those situations. Really, the applications are endless, and as our kids get older and enter daycare and school, I can only see these products becoming more helpful.

Other than these amazing labels, this website also carries various other useful products, such as 411 Wristbands, disposable wristbands personalized with a child’s phone number, address, allergies, or any other pertinent information, perfect for field trips or days at the theme parks. They also carry personalized stationary kits, and my personal favorite: Mama Cards!

These are like business cards for mom! Available in several fun and classic styles, these cards can be personalized with your names, kids’ names, email, and phone number. It’s exactly what you need at playdates or the park, when you want to exchange information without being overly formal. The good news? Mabel’s Labels has graciously donated a set of 100 cards for us to give away to one of our awesome Multiples and More readers.

Want to win a set of Mama Cards? Here’s the deal: First, (and this part is required)zip on over to Mabel’s Labels and check out the store. Come back and tell us your favorite item in the store, in a comment here for 1 entry.
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Have a great Wednesday, everybody!

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  1. Buncha Blue-Eyed Monkeys

    LOVE the Mama cards. IDK if I know enough people to give them out too, but I guess that’s partly the point :o)

  2. Definately love the idea of the mama cards..

    I follow this blog!

  3. Cool labels..I like the Skinny-Mini’s too..not too big. And I’m a follower:)

  4. The 411 bracelets. I am always afraid of something happening and no one knowing who to call. I liked the Summer Day design.
    I’m a follower too.

  5. Hello! I am already a follower. I actually REALLY like the Mama Card’s in the Summer Day design. I have been thinking about getting something like this for when I am “out and about” with the trio. I get stopped so much with the same questions that I have thought of printing cards with our blog info to hand them and say…. “we don’t have time to talk but visit us here to have all your questions answered!” These are great!


  6. Thanks for the opportunity 🙂
    My favorite item is the “Write On” stationery kit.
    I’m also your follower and I blogged about your giveaway here:

  7. Cute stuff…I think the 411 Wristbands are genius. I follow 😉

  8. Wow! I think I liked it all. I like the skinny minis for sippy cups. We always had to write our daughter’s name in Sharpie for when we went to church. I also like the idea of a Mama card. The School labels would be great for my classroom. So much fun!

    I am already a follower!

  9. Oh my gosh, my favorite is definitely the Mama Card! I had been thinking just the other day that having something like that would be SO handy!

  10. Just twittered about it! (I’m #MasterShopper)

  11. oh wow! I loooooooooove the “my 411 info” labels…what a FANTASTIC idea!

    I am a follower already

    I blogged about it
    I tweeted too

  12. I love the camp/school pack! Perfect for my active boys!
    jillk77 at aol dot com

  13. the mama cards are really neat, i love them.

  14. I love the 411 bracelets. I havent gotten anything yet but have looked at many ideas for something for Hunter since he is non verbal and those might be good plus so cool that they donate 10% to Autism Speaks.

    plus I am a follower

  15. this is a great site! thanks. i have five children, ages 9, 4, 3 and twin 2 year olds. i could definitely use support from other multiple moms! posting your button on my blog. thanks again!

  16. I love mama cards! I would love to win some! I have some, but they only list our three daughters. Now that we’re adding another baby, I’m realizing that I need to update (or hand write the new baby’s name on the cards).
    My favorite item from Mabel’s Labels is the “My 411 Wristbands”. I usually have my daughter stick one of my mommmy cards in her pocket when we’re out, but sometimes it doesn’t stay put. I like the idea of having contact info strapped to her body where it can’t get lost!
    (and I’m a follower, so that’s an extra entry, right?)

  17. I love the mama cards!! And I follow. =)

  18. These labels are great! I have your button on my blog and I am a follower. My favorite is the neat freak combo! =)

  19. Hi there, I’m new to the site. LOVE IT!! I really liked the shoe stickies at Mabel’s Labels. My twins have the exact same shoe size and this is a wonderful way to keep their shoes seperate (since they have the same shoes), and that way they’ll really be wearing their own shoes. I really like the mini-labels too for toys and such. I’m a follower too!!

  20. My favorites are the Mama Cards in Posey and Artsy Mama, and the Allergy labels. Your button is on my blog, and I’m a follower.

  21. Tamara Mitchell

    The clothing labels are by far the best! I have always wrote in black permanent ink…why didn’t I think of this!

    Happy Wednesday everyone!!!

  22. Tamara Mitchell

    Opps, and I forgot to mention, the button is already on my blog!

  23. I'm not entering, I just wanted to say what a great blog you have! I'm just hopping around and found you and so glad I did. I have a 3 year old & 18 month old twins. Woohoo! 😀 I wish I would have foun fyou sooner. LOL

  24. I’m already a follower.

    Favorite item – well there were so many, but I’ll keep it to two. I really liked the skinny minis and the mama cards.

  25. The clothing labels are pure genious!

  26. Already a follower and I love the Mama Cards!

  27. Hi! My favorite thing is the wrist bands giving the contact info for kids to wear when out in a crowd. Awesome!

    I’m a follower!

  28. My favorite are the Skinny mini’s 🙂

    I’m also a follower!!!

  29. I like the Write on stationary! my husbands family is all over the country so I like to drop notes in the mail for them from the babies :o)

    oh and I am a Follower!

  30. my favorites are the skinny minis at Mabel’s!

  31. I am a follower.

  32. I’m a follower, and I definitely need the Mama cards! The children need some of the all purpose labels … if they will make it through the dishwasher!

  33. Blogged about your giveaway on The Kennedy Adventures!

  34. I like the bag tags, thats a very cute idea:) All of the lables are adorable and super useful. I am also a follower:)

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