Product Review (and Giveaway!): Nellie’s All Natural

This week I was able to try Nellie’s All Natural’s PVC free dryer balls. I have been using their original dryer balls for quite some time and was excited to try their newer version, especially since you can add a scented soy stick to them!

After finding out how horrible dryer sheets are for the environment I decided to find something better to use in my dryer. My sister Cathy told me about Nellie’s Dryer Balls and I instantly became hooked. When I started using the original Dryer Balls I immediately noticed that my clothes did not take as long to dry and there was a lot less lint in the trap after each cycle. Thank goodness for that, taking out the lint is my least favorite part of doing the laundry. Another great thing about them is that they last for 2 years. Think of how much money you will save from not buying dryer sheets for 2 years.

I was really excited when I found out that Nellie’s came out with a new version of their Dryer Balls that are PVC free, plus they are bright green which is one of my favorite colors! The main difference look wise with these are that there is more venting and a space to insert their lavender scented soy sticks. I was a little nervous about the sticks because I was afraid of residue getting on my clothes, but that has not even been an issue. The scent from the sticks is not overwhelming, which is nice, and has not caused any issues with Jill’s skin (my daughter has super sensitive skin and will break out from almost anything). Compared to the original Dryer Balls these are about $10 more but are definitely worth the investment.

Now onto the great part, the giveaway! Nellie’s is being generous enough to not only donate their Laundry Soda and Original Dryer Balls to all of our scavenger hunt contest winners (click HERE to see what we’re talking about) but they are always giving away a starter kit that includes their PVC Free Dryer Balls and Lavender Soy Sticks. Here’s what you need to do to…

For one entry visit Nellie’s All Natural and leave a comment telling us what other products you are interested in.
For one additional entry each become a follower of ours on the blog, Twitter or Facebook.
For two more separate entries blog about this giveaway or tweet about this giveaway.

Thanks again to Nellie’s for sponsoring this giveaway!

Today’s scavenger hunt clue is….

Can you find these twin boys from the Sunshine State
Whose love for the Red Sox will never abate?

Good luck and happy July 1st MoMs and Dads!


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  1. Oh and I tweeted about the giveaway:

  2. 2SetsOfTwins4Me

    I also like the oxygen brightener!

  3. i went to the site and checked it out but i really am just excited to use the dryer balls! my sister has them and was showing them to me and im anxious to give them a try! hope i win!!
    i left a comment on their site as well

  4. oh and im a follower!

  5. Missy (Two Little Monkeys)

    I visited the site and would love to try the dish nuggets. As many dishes I wash in the dishwasher, these would be perfect!

  6. Missy (Two Little Monkeys)

    I am a follower on all three (FB, blog & twitter.)
    Off to go hunting!

  7. I also like the oxygen brightner…considering how dirty the boys get their clothes, that would be great! Oh and I follow you all on twitter and your blog!

  8. Honestly, the thing I loved most that I saw on the site were the dryer balls! How nifty! I had never heard of these until now and they seem like such a great idea!! I love that you can sent them up with a stick!

  9. OH and I follow you on here with my blog…I do not tweet though and can not get into that {grin}

  10. I would love to try the dryer balls and the automatic dishwasher nuggets. I've tried borax and baking soda in the dishwasher…but it didn't work. Would love to try the nuggets.
    Fabulous giveaway!

  11. The dishwasher nuggets look great.

  12. I am a follower here, facebook, and twitter.

  13. I twittered about it.

  14. Off to twitter about this – and I am a follower on FB and here!

  15. I would like to try the dishwasher nuggets. Off to hunt.

  16. I'm definitely interested in the laundry soda. What a great company! Will definitely try out some of their stuff.

    Also a follower on Facebook!

  17. I'd like to try the laundry nuggets.

    But, I really love the idea of the dryer balls as I can't use most dryer sheets.

  18. I follow your blog.

  19. I use the laundry soda on my cloth diapers and love it.

  20. I am also a follower.

  21. I'm always looking for a good dishwasher soap, so Nellie's Dish Powder is what interested me.

  22. I love the idea of the soy sticks that go in the dryer balls. The dishwasher stuff also looks great on the website! I follow this blog!


  23. I really like the dryer balls but I'd also love to try the diswash detergent or the rinse agent.

  24. I'm already a follower!

  25. I too like the dryer balls and would LOVE to win this giveaway! I think I would probably also like to try the auto dishwasher nuggets. What a great site! T

  26. I follow

  27. I also like the oxygen brightener –

  28. and I follow

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