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As I mentioned in Sunday’s post I ran my second half marathon on Sunday. While training I started wearing just a basic headband, but I had problems with it slipping. Thankfully, my husband’s partner at work is the father of Stephanie from Play and Stay Headwear. Stephanie makes these amazing headbands that are not only adorable, but do not slip. No, really.

For the race I wore the sparkly pink headband. I also bought the Big Sister and Lil Sister for my sister Cathy and I.

What makes these headbands great is that they have felt inside, so therefore they don’t slip.  They are great for working out, dance, or any sport that you (or your daughters) may be a part of.

Right now you can purchase a Play and Stay headband from Stephanie via her Facebook page.  On there you will find all of the styles that she has, and the order form.  Each headband is $10, which is a bargain compared to similar ones I saw at the Expo that were going for $25 (seriously).  Head over to Play and Stay Headwear and check out Stephanie’s selection, and make sure you hit “like” while you are over there!

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