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Sanity Saving Tips for Parents of Multiples

Sanity Saving Tips for Parents

Are you familiar with the Amelia Bedelia book cover on which Amelia is running (and smiling) with perfectly rosy cheeks, a freshly baked pie in hand, her apron and shoes on, and even a cute hat on her head? (If not, see above!) She appears to have it all together …

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Dinner Strategies for Parents of Multiples

dinner strategies for parents of multiples

  Whatever stage of parenting twins you're in, you are likely in need of a few good dinner ideas. If you're due any day now, it's wise to have frozen meals that can be cooked on a moment's notice. If your babies have recently arrived, perhaps you're tiring of pizza …

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Breastfeeding Twins: Must Haves

breastfeeding twins

Beyond support, support, and support, there are a few products that will help ensure your success as a breastfeeding mom. Listed below are some of our all-time favorites. Lansinoh Soothes Gel Pads This product is a godsend for breastfeeding moms. During the first few weeks breastfeeding, most moms want to …

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Keeping your Sanity at the Pediatrician’s Office

Keeping your sanity at the pediatricians office

Is it just me, or is a trip to the pediatrician's office require almost as much planning as a mini vacation? When my kids were newborns I didn't dare attempt a visit without an extra set of hands, now it's the norm. However, I always come prepared. Before you even …

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Should You Give Your Twins an Allowance?

should you give twins an allowance

Once my kids hit middle school we began giving them an allowance. I could tell you that we started this childhood rite of passage because we wanted to teach them about how to manage their money, and that would be true. To a point. But our primary goal was a …

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How to Get Triplets to Sleep

how to get triplets to sleep

"8:00pm:  Husband arrives home from work and starts the 8:00/8:30/9:00pm feedings.  I go to sleep. 12:00am:  Husband starts 11:30pm feeding, he goes to bed and I finish the 12:00/12:30am feedings.  I also do the 2:30/3:00/3:30am feedings. 5:30am:  I go to sleep and husband takes over for 5:30/6:00/6:00am feedings as well …

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International Travel with Twins

International Travel with TWins

Regardless of whether it's for the first or fifty-first time, one can't help but laugh while watching Clark Griswold and his family endlessly and hopelessly circle Big Ben and Parliament in National Lampoon's European Vacation. However, when imagining their own crew in the same situation, most parents' laughter quickly turns …

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