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Tips for Breastfeeding Twins

Tips for breastfeeding Twins

Breastfeeding Twins Tips written by Guest Blogger: Candice of M.O.T. Bits.  WOO HOO!! I made it! I breast fed both babies for a whole year! Sorry I’m tooting my own horn, but I just remember at the very beginning hearing the latest from the American Academy of Pediatrics encouraging mothers …

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5 Tips for Helping your Twins Get to Sleep

5 Tips for Helping your Twins Get to Sleep

Parents and caregivers are often looking for solutions to get their babies sleeping soundly through the night. Surprisingly, most Prenatal or Prepared Parenting classes don't discuss infant sleep beyond crib safety so all the sudden you find yourself sifting through hundreds of books at the library or spending hours on …

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A Twinspiring Interview with Cheryl Lage


Hi everyone, Lisa here again. I would like to thank all who participated in the Twinspiration Giveaway Contest. The contest is now closed and we drew Jess Bright as the winner. Have a blessed day everyone and stay updated for the next contest! *** Hey all, it's Lisa here and …

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Finding Balance in your Marriage


Finding balance in your in your marriage, let alone your life, can be extremely challenging, trust me, I know. Plus, let's face it, as parents of multiples we know our divorce rate is higher than that of a family with singletons. The added stress of multiples can be too much …

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Falling in Love with Your Twins: One at a Time


Often mothers who are pregnant with their second child have expectable feelings of trepidation about how the birth of the new baby will impact their attachment with their firstborn. Moms who have already confronted this situation reference a well-known vignette to help expectant moms develop the emotional resonance necessary to …

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Multiples and the New Baby


If you'll allow me, I'll state the obvious. Having multiples is not the same as having singletons. There are skills they learn differently, their developmental timelines can be shifted, and they have the incomparable benefit of having another child their own age to observe... constantly. And, obviously, they have their …

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What Expecting Twin Moms Should Know

What expecting moms should know

A twin mom friend shared some good advice with me while I was pregnant with my twins: don't compare yourself to your friends that have one baby because the experiences are very different, and you can make yourself crazy when you see how easy one baby seems in comparison to …

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