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Casseroles of Royal Proportions

… an Exclusive Multiples and More Interview (and Recipe) via the Casserole Queens. Casserole Queens Crystal Cook and Sandy Pollock have just delivered two deliciously, delectable, and darling twin…pot pies?!? You betcha. Twin pot pies are but one of many special deliveries borne of the kitchiest of kitchens on YouTube’s …

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QOTW: Your Best Advice

I'm convinced there was something in the water at my high school. It seems every time I check in on Facebook another high school friend of mine is pregnant with twins. I instantly run through my mental checklist of all the advice I received that needs to be passed on, …

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Friday Favorites

Welcome to Friday Favorites! This is your chance to link up your favorite posts from the past week or two. The only requirement is that you link to an actual post, not just your blogs home page. I cannot wait to read all of your posts! Don't forget to leave …

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Are Your Multiples in Different Classes?

Some of you may not even be at this point, but we've all thought about it. Will I put my twins in the same class or different classes when they're in school? The Crazies were just finishing up their 3's program at our beloved preschool.  I sat down with their teacher …

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Beverly Hills Chihuahua 3, Viva La Fiesta!

The Chihuahua's are back! My kiddos have loved the first two Beverly Hills Chihuahua movies and now that the third one is out they are beyond excited! Everyone’s favorite talking Chihuahuas Papi (voice of George Lopez) and Chloe (voice of Odette Annable) are back, joined by their five playful pups …

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Lisa of Three at Once!

The featured blogger of the week is Lisa of Three at Once! Lisa is the proud MoM of three-year-old identical triplets, Andrew, Parker, and Nicholas. What made you decide to start a blog? I had been hospitalized for monitoring for almost two weeks and the days were starting to run …

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