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Multiples and the New Baby


If you'll allow me, I'll state the obvious. Having multiples is not the same as having singletons. There are skills they learn differently, their developmental timelines can be shifted, and they have the incomparable benefit of having another child their own age to observe... constantly. And, obviously, they have their …

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What Expecting Twin Moms Should Know

What expecting moms should know

A twin mom friend shared some good advice with me while I was pregnant with my twins: don't compare yourself to your friends that have one baby because the experiences are very different, and you can make yourself crazy when you see how easy one baby seems in comparison to …

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Why Fathering Triplets is the Best Job Ever!


Being 27, married with four children may not the norm in this day and age and I certainly get some rather perplexed looks when I announce my family situation however when I explain that three are triplets I suddenly am flooded with the usual and rather tiresome questions. My wife, …

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You Might Have Twins If…

You might have Twins If

Twins, Twins and more! What special parents we are to adore! Enjoy our 10 little compilations of YOU MIGHT HAVE TWINS IF…. 1.  You might have twins if a perfect stranger have ever asked you if your twins are "natural" or if "twins run in your family".  I was blessed …

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How to Put Kids to Bed with Minimum Fuss

Do you have some some great tips for helping get kids to fall asleep? After asking a few mums and dads, I have a feelings these tips will come in handy especially if you are lucky to have a babysitter on night. We know that some kids go to bed …

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Sanity Saving Tips for Parents of Multiples

Sanity Saving Tips for Parents

Are you familiar with the Amelia Bedelia book cover on which Amelia is running (and smiling) with perfectly rosy cheeks, a freshly baked pie in hand, her apron and shoes on, and even a cute hat on her head? (If not, see above!) She appears to have it all together …

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Dinner Strategies for Parents of Multiples

dinner strategies for parents of multiples

  Whatever stage of parenting twins you're in, you are likely in need of a few good dinner ideas. If you're due any day now, it's wise to have frozen meals that can be cooked on a moment's notice. If your babies have recently arrived, perhaps you're tiring of pizza …

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