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Crafting with Kids: Santa Belt Treat Cups

christmas craft

The kids and I are knee-deep in Christmas crafting and fun holiday food. Next to Halloween, Christmas is my favorite time for making fun food and crafts with them. This is our latest project: Aren't these cute?  They are so fun for the holiday season and so versatile too.  You …

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Prep and Landing: Totally Tinsel Collection

Prep and Landing is one of my favorite cartoons for Christmas! For the past few years we have been able to catch them on ABC Family and we did have them on the DVR until someone, maybe me, accidentally deleted them. I teared up a little when that happened. Thankfully, …

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Heather of Three Lees in a Pod + Little Sprout

The featured blogger of the week is Heather of Three Lees in a Pod + Little Sprout! Heather is the proud MoM of 4-year-old triplets, Piper, Henry and Rosemary and 2-year-old Penelope. What made you decide to start a blog? While I was pregnant with the big kids, I spent …

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Self-Confidence and Involvement in Activities

Image Credit: Jo Casey We, as parents, want our children to grow up healthy, happy, and self-confident. It is easy to determine what steps we can take to foster health: proper nutrition, regular medical exams, regular exercise, etc. Fostering happiness can be somewhat more of an enigma, but we know …

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QOTW: Advent Ideas

While spending some quality time on Pinterest the other day I found a bunch of ideas for Advent this year for my kids and then the lovely Mandy of Twin Trials and Triumphs emailed to ask for ideas for Advent. Coincidence? I think not. This year is the first time …

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Friday Favorites

Welcome to Friday Favorites! This is your chance to link up your favorite posts from the past week or two. The only requirement is that you link to an actual post, not just your blogs home page. I cannot wait to read all of your posts! Don't forget to leave …

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