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Melissa of The Diddle Martins

The featured blogger of the week is Melissa of The Diddle Martins! Melissa is the proud MoM of almost 2-year old twins Mable and Ruby! What made you start a blog? I started blogging right after my husband and I got married. I wanted to be able to look back …

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QOTW: Elf on the Shelf

We were sucked into the phenomenon that is Elf on the Shelf last year. The kiddos are obsessed and I'm pleased to say that behavior always seems to be better when the elf is watching. Okay, well minus those two days our elf did not come back from the North …

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O, Christmas Tree: Six Tree Themes to Try This Season

What better way to express your creativity and personal style this season than through that centerpiece of holiday decorating, the Christmas tree? If you’re tired of hanging the same mismatched hodgepodge of ornaments year after year, try something new. Here are six Christmas tree themes to try. Ribbons Skip the …

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Friday Favorites

Welcome to Friday Favorites! This is your chance to link up your favorite posts from the past week or two. The only requirement is that you link to an actual post, not just your blogs home page. I cannot wait to read all of your posts! Don't forget to leave …

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Moneywise MoM: Santa can be frugal, too!

Happy Holiday season! With this past weekend of shopping, you're probably well into the spirit by now. Last month, I shared some tips to plan ahead for the holidays, such as setting a budget for gifts. This month, I'll share a little secret for how I save BIG on toys …

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Safari Ltd

This is my second review for Safari Ltd and let me tell you, we were hooked on this company after the first review. My kiddos even know where you can buy the TOOBS (Michael's, or Mike's as Aaron calls it,  is our favorite place to purchase these).  This go around …

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