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Chaos 2 Calm

I think one thing that we, as parents of multiples, can all agree on is that organization is key to survival. Mother of identical twin girls, Tonia Tomlin, wrote the perfect book to help parents-to-be get organized, Chaos 2 Calm.  Chaos 2 Calm starts in the beginning when you first …

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Angel of Artificially Awake America

The featured blogger of the week is Angel of Artificially Awake America. Angel is the proud MoM of 7 year old Ian, Hunter and Sage (4) and Chloe (2). What made you decide to start a blog? I had just moved to Pennsylvania from Florida, where we had been living …

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December Photo of the Month

Welcome to this months Photo of the Month! This month we are featuring some of your favorite photos, in a little bragging-rights only contest. Vote for your favorite 3 photos and we will announce the winner next week. Don't forget to stop by the blogs of all of these cuties! …

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Swedish Lucia

Imagine early morning before sunrise when all is dark. All of a sudden, there is a faint singing in the distance and the doorway is lit up by a woman in a long white gown, wearing a wreath with candles on her head. Lucia, her maidens, and the “star boys” …

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Holiday Gift Guide –the healthy way

Were you aware that “almost 2/3 of Americans are overweight or obese, and more than half don’t get enough physical activity?” (from Clemson Cooperative Extension, Healthy Holiday Gifts) As a health and fitness professional and mother of two, I place great value on living a life full of physical activity …

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Multiples in the Kitchen: Nutella Bread Pudding

A surprisingly not-too-sweet dessert, Nutella Apple Raisin Bread Pudding is fun to make and is a delicious reward for all their hard work. Nutella? Good. Croissants? Good. Gather the rest of your ingredients and do some prep for your kids first, if your they can’t use a knife just yet. …

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Nicole O’Dell Hot Buttons Part 2

Nicole O’Dell is my go-to Mama when it comes to tough questions regarding teens. I’ve passed her books on to my niece and friend’s daughter, who both love the books. Nicole’s newest series is called Hot Buttons and is designed for parents to help field some tough questions that may …

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