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Sponsor Spotlight: Teachermom

New Here? Click HERE to learn how to join our community!Today's Sponsor Spotlight is an extremely talented member of our very own Multiples and More Network! Janna, or Teachermom, as she is known on Etsy, is a part-time teacher, and full-time mom to 2 year-old Jillian and 5.5 month old …

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Shout Out of the Week: The Hughes Triplets

New here? Click HERE to learn all about us! Like our blog design? Check out Krizzy Designs for a new layout! Congratulations to our Mabel's Labels giveaway winner, Buncha BlueEyed Monkeys! Congrats, send us an email and we'll get you in touch with our great sponsor! ************************************************************************************* This week's blog …

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Product Review (& Giveaway!): Mabel’s Labels

New to our community? Click HERE to learn how to join.Have you entered our Cutest Multiples Contest? Click HERE.*************************************************************************************The winner of yesterday's Brag Book giveaway is Josh and Nancy! Congratulations, Josh and Nancy, email us your info and we'll send out your prize!************************************************************************************* Have you ever gotten your babies' bottles …

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Tuesday’s Featured Blog: Little Bites of Heaven

New Here? Click HERE to learn how to join our great community of multiple families and friends! Have you entered our Cutest Multiples Contest yet? Click HERE to learn more! *************************************** This week's featured blogger is one of my favorite bloggers for so many reasons. Back when I was pregnant …

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Monday’s Expert Interview: Kristen Nelson Fraternal Triplet

  *********************************************************************************** We all know that having children, and especially multiples is quite the rollercoaster ride. You just never know what to expect, what it’s going to be like when you get to the next stage. Have you ever sat back and just wondered what it will be like when …

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Cute Clip/Photo of the Week!

New Here? Click HERE to find out more about us and how to join or community! We have two giveaways running until 11pm EST tonight! Click HERE to read about cloth diapers, and enter to win some! Click HERE to check out our Magpie Designz giveaway and win a gorgeous …

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Cloth Diapering… with Multiples! (Giveaway!)

********************************************************************************* New Here? Click HERE to find out more about us, and how to join our network! Like our blog layout? Visit Krizzy Designs to get a snazzy layout of your own! Have you entered our Magpie Designz giveaway? Click HERE! ********************************************************************************** Cloth Diapering... With Multiples! Be honest.. does a …

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