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Multiples and More Question of the Week Blog Carnival

Welcome to this week's Question of the Week! Grab our button below, add it to your blog post, and then answer our Question of the Week on your own blog! For once, this week's question has nothing to do with the kids.. it's a question that personally, we never get …

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Sponsor Spotlight & Giveaway: SIGnature Creations by Astrid!

This week's Sponsor Spotlight is on a great business owned by none other than a triplet mom herself! Signature Creations by Astrid has some of the cutest bows, tutus, diaper cakes, and paci clips around! We love supporting the businesses of our fellow multiple moms, and with such adorable, and …

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Shout Out of the Week: The Life of Sean and Emma

This week's shout out belongs to Jen of The Life of Sean and Emma. Jen is the proud MoM of almost 3 year old fraternal twins Sean and Emma. Here are some of hers, and our favorite posts...Egg Coloring: Jen is so brave to let her 2 year olds color …

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Featured Blogger: Jenna of Newlyweds!

Today's Featured Blogger is Jenna, of Newlyweds! Jenna is one busy mom! Besides caring for her 19-month old twin boys, she cooks, coupons, works out, helps her husband maintain a SERIOUS garden at home, all while maintaining a fabulous blog! We enjoyed learning more about how she does it all, …

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Expert Interview: Author and Twin Mom Christina Baglivi Tinglof

Today's expert interview is with Christina Baglivi Tinglof, a mom of twins and author of Double Duty: A Parent's Guide to Raising Twins. Our interview today focuses on the tricky topic of disciplining multiples! L: At what age is it appropriate to begin using time-outs to discourage unwanted behaviors? Do …

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Question of the Week Blog Carnival: Favorite Products

Multiples and More Question of the Week Blog CarnivalGrab our button below for your blog post, and answer this week's question! Being a parent is all about trial and error, and finding what works for you and your family. This week's questions is this:What is/are your "can't live without" products? …

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Guest Blogger: Max Gravitt

The following guest post is a repost from the blog of Max and Karla Gravitt, My Baby Drama. Max is the proud dad of 11 month old triplets, Amelia, Marcus, and Jocelyn.*********************************************************************************Max here. First post. I typically shy away from writing blogs, friending people (not sure when that became a …

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