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Sponsor Spotlight (and Giveaway!): Damajon

This week's Sponsor Spotlight is Damajon. Damajon was founded by Daryll Jonnson and offers products for your body, spirit and home. The mission and purpose of Damajon is to assist women in nurturing and taking care of themselves and their surroundings. Also, to find those moments in their day when …

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Guest Blogger: Derek and His Women

My name is Derek Aldrich and I am expecting twins. Twin girls, to be precise, and it has been a joy to prepare and get ready for them. It all started on cool day in January when my wife surprised me with a positive pregnancy test. Upon looking at her …

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Potty Training

Here are all of the previous posts run on potty training! If you see something that hasn't been covered and you would like to see it covered, email me at Tips on Potty Training Guest Post: Heather on Potty Training Guest Post: Carla Rose on Potty Training Janeen Hayward …

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Shout Out of the Week: Our Safari

This week our shout out belongs to Jennifer of Our Safari! Jennifer is the proud MoM of 3 year old Elijah, 2 year old triplets Joshua, Esther and Jacob and 1 year old Hannah. Jennifer is one of the most down to Earth, friendliest MoMs in the blog world. I've …

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Product Review and Giveaway: Blush Topless Undershirts

Today's Product Review and giveaway is on Blush Topless Undershirts! I am SO excited to have found this product! Raise your hand if you were really upset when you had to give up your BellaBand after having your babies? You can't see it, but my hand is frantically waving right …

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Featured Blogger: Helene of The Silly Slutsky Family!

This week our featured blogger is Helene from The Silly Slutsky Family! Helene is the proud MoM of six children, including a set of triplets. Helene's blog is honest, witty and just plain fabulous! Before you check out her blog read below to learn more about Helene and her family. …

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