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Featured Blogger Interview: Jen of 4tunate!

Today's Featured Blogger in Jen, of 4tunate! Henry, Brooks, Clark and Isaac came into the world in February of 2007, and Jen has been known as 'Quatro Mama' ever since! Her blog is an entertaining combination of great photography, honest insight, and quadruplet cuteness! L: How early did you find …

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Multiples and More Question of the Week: Grandparents Day!

Hello, and Happy Grandparents' Day! You didn't forget it was Grandparents' Day, did you? In honor of grandparents everywhere, here is this week's Multiples and More Question of the Week: Describe one quality of each of your childrens' grandparents that you hope will be passed on to, or possessed by …

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Guest Blogger: Helene Slutsky on Kids Activities

Some times just getting everyone fed and dressed is an adventure. To maximize the waking hours with toddlers you have to keep them engaged and busy or face the wrath of fighting, bickering, whining and the like. My solution is the field trip. Just pack them up and move them …

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Multiples and More: Announcements

We have some exciting new changes coming to our format here at Multiples and More, and wanted to share them all with you today!First of all, we are opening up our Fridays to any network member that would like to submit a guest blog post OR vlog.What is a vlog? …

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Book Review and Giveaway: Emotionally Healthy Twins

Today's review is on the book Emotionally Healthy Twins by Dr. Joan A Friedman, PhD. I was truly pleasantly surprised by the amount of relevant information, and thought-provoking insight in this book! As a psychotherapist, mom of twins, and a twin herself, Dr. Friedman has a unique perspective on twin-issues, …

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