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Joe of Dad’s Guide to Twins

Dads guide to twins

Since Father's Day was on Sunday I thought it would be fitting that our Featured Blogger of the week be a Dad.  Joe's blog Dad's Guide to Twins is all about raising twins from a perspective you don't often find, the Dad's.  It is a great resource for current Dad's …

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Order now your Twin and Triplet Halloween Shirts for Parents

Twin Halloween Parent Shirts

Why should all the kids have the fun? Halloween is around the corner and it's probably about now mums and some dads are searching online for some twin or triplet inspiration. Pinterest is fantastic for finding the best Twin and Triplet Halloween Costume Ideas. If you need some ideas just …

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You Might Have Twins If…

You might have Twins If

Twins, Twins and more! What special parents we are to adore! Enjoy our 10 little compilations of YOU MIGHT HAVE TWINS IF…. 1.  You might have twins if a perfect stranger have ever asked you if your twins are "natural" or if "twins run in your family".  I was blessed …

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What Expecting Twin Moms Should Know

What expecting moms should know

A twin mom friend shared some good advice with me while I was pregnant with my twins: don't compare yourself to your friends that have one baby because the experiences are very different, and you can make yourself crazy when you see how easy one baby seems in comparison to …

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The Importance of Dad’s in Your Child’s Development


With Father's Day this upcoming Sunday and the recent Time Magazine cover that boasted the title "Are you Mom enough?" I thought it was time to do a post on Dad's and their relationships with their kids. Often times, in my opinion, Dad's seem to be on the back burner …

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Read our Latest Interview by Twin Mom Mariam Barnes

Featured Twin Mom Blogger

A great part of of MultiplesandMore is discovering new Twin bloggers. This week I met Mariam Barnes who started Twinmom is a one stop shop for parents of twins. I remember when I was pregnant with my twins and would have loved to have had such a great resource …

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