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Featured Twin Blogger – Amanda’s Great Idea!

This week we welcome Amanda, mom to twin girls and blogger over at Amanda's Great Idea.  Enjoy her story as she shares how she announced her twin pregnancy to her family!!   Finding out we are having Twins! My husband and I are only children, so imagine our surprise when we found …

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My Twinsane Life Featured Twin Blogger

My Twinsane Life

Hello! I hope you have all had a super week. This week I welcome Emma to be our Featured Twin blogger of the week. Emma is twin mum to twin boys and her blog is "My Twinsane Life." Why did you start your blog? Being a twin mom is amazing journey …

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Featured Twin Blogger The Morse Code

Featured Twin Blogger. The Morse Code

Lucky us at Multiples and More but we have another Featured Blogger this week! Please welcome Fiona from The Morse Code!  Fiona is a mum to two gorgeous twin girls called Adriana and Gabriella. You can follow her on Instagram here @themorsetwins Why did you start your blog? I always felt …

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Essay about Lifestyle in America

To generalize the "lifestyle" of an entire nation is a tricky thing, especially when talking about a massive country like the United States of America. There are over 350 million people in the country, and every individual is entitled to the right to live a lifestyle of their choosing. To …

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Featured Triplet Blogger – 3 Paynes in a Pod

Featured Triplet Blogger

Today we have a lovely interview from a Triplet blogger, David and Monét Payne from Their triplets were  born at30 weeks and are now 8 months old! Follow them on Facebook here. Why did you start your blog? My wife and I initially started our blog as a way to …

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