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Multiples in the Kitchen: Heart Cake

I am not a crafty person.I do not enjoy doing craft projects with my kids.I did not have my kids make Valentine's to pass out at school.I bought them at the store.So what was I to do with this holiday that to me seems so focused on making things and …

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Guest Blogger, Dianna of the Kennedy Adventures

This week's guest blogger is Dianna, of the Kennedy Adventures! The perfect blend for us ..... When I met my husband, I was a single mother of 1, working 40 + hours/week as a nurse for a busy cardiology practice. Brett owned a real estate appraisal company, and worked about …

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Shout Out of the Week: Our Identical Twins

  This weeks shout out belongs to Corinne of Our Identical Twins! Corinne is the proud MoM to seven month old identical boys, Kennedy and Dylan. Here are some of her and our favorite posts: ************************************************* Pregnant with twins!!!: I'm a sucker for stories on how people find out they …

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Featured Blogger: Kristi of Loving 2 Miracles

  This weeks featured blogger is Kristi of Loving 2 Miracles! Kristi is the proud MoM of 19 month old twin girls, Lexyn and Brittyn. You may remember Kristi from her guest post on apnea monitors. Let's learn more about this amazing MoM and her family! ****************************************** What made you …

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Expert Interview: Barack Levin

Our expert today is Barack Levin, a stay at home Dad and author of The Diaper Chronicles. Barack's book is all about raising independent and well behaved children, based on his experiences. Today's post is the first in a series of two on child proofing.****************************************** Why “child proofing” is actually …

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