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Multiples in the Kitchen: Heart Shaped Fried Wontons

Valentine’s Day and Chinese New Year (which is celebrated for two weeks) often overlap, as is happening this year! So I thought the girls and I could make something I used to make with my mom for Chinese New Year but would also be festive for Valentine’s Day – Heart …

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Rise of the Turtles

Nickelodeon’s all-new, CGI-animated hit series debuts on DVD with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Rise of the Turtles.  Join these four ninja brothers - Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello and Michelangelo – in this action-packed adventure as they emerge from their hidden lair in the sewers of New York City for the very first time.  In addition, enjoy six awesome “making of …

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How I Met My Valentine: Jamie

I met my Valentine on a blind date set up by my mom and his sister who taught together, about 8 years ago. My mom gave me his number (given by his sister) and he called me on January 4, 2005. We talked pretty much all day every day on …

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Divorce infographic highlights emerging trends

Dark nights, cold weather, credit card bills and a long wait until that summer holiday of your dreams.  These are all reasons why January can be a long and low month for many across the UK, but for some there will be added pressures at this time of year with …

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QOTW: Love Songs

Since Valentine's Day is Thursday, I thought it would be fun to talk about songs that make you think of the one you love. Now the one you love can be your spouse/partner or your kids, or both! When Scott and I started dating, I was living back in Illinois …

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How I Met My Valentine: Sarah and Keith

When Amanda put out a post stating she was looking for stories on how we met our valentine, I almost didn't respond. Not because it wasn't a good story, but because when I met mine, it wasn't love at first sight. ;) Rather it was wow, he's cute, but kind …

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In Health: The Power of Food

Image Credit: I know by now, you are all tired (or scared!) of the word: FLU.  Even still, I cannot help myself but to bring it up this month for the sake of fighting back. Yes, fighting back! How? Through the amazing power of food! Hippocrates was not kidding when …

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