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Friday Favorites

Welcome to Friday Favorites! This is your chance to link up your favorite posts from the past week or two. The only requirement is that you link to an actual post, not just your blogs home page. I cannot wait to read all of your posts! Don't forget to leave …

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Spender? Or Saver?

Do you ever get sick of hearing your children repeat the words "I gotta have that" or "I wanna get that" over and over and over? Yeah...thought so.  We all do. I think we all tire of having to fight the "I want that" battle every time we enter a …

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A Very Veggie Easter Collection

There's an all new VeggieTales DVD just in time for Easter, the Very Veggie Easter Collection, contains their popular Easter DVDs "Twas the Night Before Easter" and "An Easter Carol." Additionally, this set includes 2 of their most popular CDs - "A Very Veggie Easter" and "Hosanna!" I love being …

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How I Met My Valentine: Wendi and Jim

I met the person that would become my best friend, husband and a great daddy around Halloween of 1999, and would have NEVER imagined at that time we would become husband and wife. Jim had just started working for the same state agency that I worked for. He was busy …

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QOTW: Winter Activities

We actually had a pretty cold weekend this weekend, well for Florida anyway, and I know the majority of you are dealing with the cold as well. There is only so much you can do with kids that are full of energy inside a house, so I have to ask... …

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How I Met My Valentine: Jennifer and Korey

In honor of  February being the month of love and because this blog is for my kiddos to read when they get bigger, I thought I'd share how I met my very own sweet Valentine! Surprisingly, Korey and I grew up only a few miles away from each other, went …

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