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Have an Epic Childhood with inspirations in light play

Today we welcome Kristen from Epic Childhood. In addition to being a mum to 5 children including twins, she is busy blogging about everyday fun and educational activities. Plus she has a wonderful curated Pinterest account sharing heaps of education ideas and inspirations in light play. Why did you start your …

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Identical Triplets with Jane’t of Pitts Trips!

Identical Triplets with Jane't of Pitts

The featured blogger of the week is Janét of Pitts Trips! Janét is the proud mom of 4 year old triplets Caleb, Elias, and Thomas. Why did you start your blog? I started early on in my pregnancy after my husband suggested it. We figured it would be a good …

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Preparing for Twins and Prematurity

Twins and Prematurity

Today's Featured Blogger is Emily from Emily is mum to twins and just had baby number 4 so please pop over to her blog and say hello to baby Eloise. Emily writes, "Prematurity is a lot of what my blog has been about, since my twins were born so preemie. …

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5 Tips what to look for in a daycare

Tips for Choosing a Daycare

Even while pregnant more and more mums have the challenge of when they might decide to go back to work and if they will be accessing daycare. Today, we are joined by Lucy Cook, from Amaze Early Education Centre who discusses some important tips to look for when you are considering a …

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What does Mother Mean to You?

Mothers day Multiples

Happy Mothers Day Multiples and More Community! I do hope you are having a great day with your family. Do you remember your first Mothers Day? Mine was in May 2010 and the girls would have been about 5 months old. I don’t necessarily remember the gifts or cards (although …

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