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Why your child should do Sport

Why your child should do sport

There is no denying the fact that implementing healthy lifestyle should start as early as possible. Kids rely on their parents and believe their words more than anything, so it's crucial you teach them all the proper ways and make sure you provide them with the mental framework that will …

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What to bring to the hospital for the birth of twins

Packing your Bags for the Hospital with Twins

I know that when I was pregnant the burning question (especially when I was nesting) was “So what do I really need to bring to the hospital?” You can search online and you’ll notice there are tons of different lists, and most are geared towards Moms who are going to …

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Nice to meet new bloggers ~ Blog Hop

Blog Hop for Bloggers twins

A special part of MultiplesandMore is the blog roll for all our parents of twins, triplets and more who like to blog and share their lives with you. So to celebrate our community I would like to welcome you to our first Blog Hop! What is a Blog Hop? Blog …

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Survival Tips for Chasing Toddler Twins

Survival Tips for Chasing Toddler Twins

The diaper bag is packed to the gills—snacks, water bottles, wipes, diapers. Your twins have shoes on (for now). You have determination. You will take two eighteen-month-old children to the park by yourself. You are not insane. But how do you make it happen without losing your mind, and packing …

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How to set up Play Areas for Twins at 0-6 Months

Twins take up alot of space! Especially the bigger they get, of course. Setting up play areas for twins takes some thought as you figure out your space and what to use. Depending on the room you are in, there are different ways you could set up a play area. …

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Why An Anthology On Multiples Is Long Overdue

Anthology On Multiples

There are many beautiful anthologies available today; some about death and loss, others about postpartum depression. Many of today’s anthologies tell stories of parenthood while others explore love and romance. As mothers of multiples – Megan with seven-year-old triplets and an 11-year old big sister, and Alison with fraternal twins …

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