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The featured blogger this week is Nicole of Twins for the Show! Nicole is the proud MoM of twins Davis and Mason, as well as Katelyn and Cameron.  Nicole is also one creative MoMma! Wait until you see her Projects and Parties Page, I know of some ideas I may *ahem* borrow.

What made you decide to start a blog?

I actually started a private family blog in 2007 when we lived far away from family and friends in an attempt to keep in touch with them.  I love writing and started ‘Twins for the Show’ while pregnant with the twins.  I needed a place I could vent.

How did your older children react to the news of twins?

My daughter was 5 and my son was 2 when we found out we were expecting twins. They were excited, though I’m not sure my son understood.  When the twins were born, it was really hard on him.

What has been your favorite thing about becoming a MoM?

Proving to myself that I can indeed handle twins.  I also love making both babies laugh at the same time.  It may be the coolest thing ever!

You like decorating, especially on a budget, what’s a great tip that you can give us?

Rethink window coverings!  I’ve made them with pillow cases, table cloths, and crib skirts.  In my son’s room I took and extra pillow case, cut it and re-hemmed it and it’s perfect for a valence (plus it matches his bedding).  For my kitchen, I bought table cloths in a fabric I loved from a discount home goods stor. I got great quality fabric at a fraction of the price.  My window curtains also then matched my placemats—it looks so custom!

What are some of your favorite family activities?
The babies love anything outside. I’ve learned that stroller-friendly places are best, especially if I’m going to try and take the kids out by myself.  We just started soccer season so Saturdays are soccer days.  We also love family movie nights!

What question(s) do you have for the other families in the community?

My boys already fight! They always like the same toy (even though there are two of them) and steal from each other.  Is this normal?  How best do you handle this?

Be sure to leave your answer to Nicole’s question in the comment section and then head over to Twins for the Show to leave some bloggy love!

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  1. My twins are always fighting too. At 15 months I kind of let them go at it and hope they work it out. I have no idea if it’s normal, but I do hope they start fighting less and getting along better in the future!
    dollimama recently posted…RareMy Profile

  2. yes, i think it’s normal 🙂 My girls went through that between 15-20months! We too of course always had two of most of small things so there wouldn’t be any fighting but it never failed they always wanted the SAME particular one. sometimes I tried to let them work out and other times I just removed what they were squabbling over. It wasnt everything, usually just a few things that particular day and would of course change the next. By the time they got closer totwo when I bought things I made sure they were a different color or something distinctive about them and each gave them “their own”. So we always knew whos was whos and there was no question. For the most part they were told to share all their toys but between 18m and 2yrs is when we decided to give them just a few items that were theirs no matter what. This still holds true today. My girls will be four this month and still have certain things that no matter what sister must ask permission before playing with. It has worked well for us so far (again not everything. they each probably have 3-5things that are “theirs”). When you have twins, I also think it’s just inevitable that they are going to squabble over things. so long as it isn’t violent I think it’s all apart of having a sibling the same age 😉 You have an adorable family!!

  3. Oh this is totally twin behavior – I remember when my MIL once asked what the boys’ favorite toy is, I used to answer – whatever the other one has.

    We buy two of most – but in different colors so that they know which belongs to whom/

  4. Our toys have 3 rules, that have been born because of fighting. (Lots and lots of fighting!)
    1- Take turns. The toy in question has to have a turn with each person. If I find them fighting over a toy, I assign whose turn it is, set my ipod to a fun ring 5 minutes away, and then they switch.
    2- If they can’t take turns, the toy goes into time out and no one plays with it. Period.
    3- We have several toys that are uniquely “mine” and no one else is allowed to play with them without permission. (This really helps my older girl.)

    Ways to jumpstart your thinking to figure your best way of dealing with the fighting!

  5. We don’t have many duplicate toys, so we’ve had to teach my twin girls to share. Sometimes I step in, and sometimes I don’t. When I do step in, I do one of these things:
    -Ask Twin A holding toy to share with Twin B in 1-2 minutes.
    -Tell Twin B that Twin A is playing with the toy, and she will share when she’s done, then redirect with another activity.
    -Put the toy in “time out” if we are just going to fight about it.
    Hope that helps! Good luck!
    Danae recently posted…In Which Danae Becomes a Soccer MomMy Profile

  6. Don’t worry if they do that. It’s just normal for their age to behave like that. Babies intend to be jealous about everything that their playmate (in these case, twin) is holding or playing especially if they see them being happy playing with it. Just let them be but try not to make them fight a lot.
    Kira Yamato recently posted…Pick Up Lines For GuysMy Profile

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