Nickelodeon Favorites: Summer Vacation and Big Time Rush

Nickelodeon Favorites: Summer Vacation and Big Time Rush Season 1 Volume 2 are the latest DVDs out in time for those crazy hot summer days. Both DVDs are available in stores and are great ways to beat the heat or the rain, depending on where you are.

Preschoolers’ favorite characters from Dora the Explorer; Go, Diego, Go!; The Wonder Pets!; Blue’s Clues; Yo Gabba Gabba! and Ni Hao, Kai-lan enjoy some fun in the sun on the brand new DVD, Nickelodeon Favorites: Summer Vacation.

Nickelodeon Favorites: Summer Vacation Synopses:

Dora the Explorer – Baby Crab: Dora and Boots are having a blast at the beach when all of a sudden they hear a call for help. A baby crab has gotten stuck in a net on his way to bring his mother a present. Fortunately, Dora finds a pair of scissors inside Backpack and quickly frees Baby Crab, but he’s forgotten which way to go. Dora and Boots need help to take Baby Crab through the Squishy Squid’s Musical Sand Castle, over a mountain of rhythmically Snapping Clams and across the ocean to his mami on Crab Island.

Go, Diego, Go! – Panchita the Prairie Dog: At the Rescue Ranch, Diego and Alicia find Panchita, a Mexican Prairie Dog who needs to find a nice grassy prairie for her family. Diego and Alicia turn Rescue Pack into a wagon and head out with Panchita and her nine brothers and sisters. At the train tracks, two prairie dogs fall off the wagon and they need help to jump over the train tracks. Next, at the Dry River Bed, Panchita gets caught on a floating log, but Alicia uses her Rescue Rope to lasso her. Finally, Panchita and the family make it all the way to the grassy prairie where they make a new underground home.

The Wonder Pets! – Save the Hermit Crab! / Save the Dolphin: The Wonder Pets take a break from their vacation in Cancun to help a Hermit Crab who has outgrown his shell. Afterwards, the Wonder Pets travel to Hawaii to save a Young Dolphin who has gotten caught in a fisherman’s net.

Blue’s Clues – Blue’s Big Car Trip: Blue’s Clues is hitting the road! Blue puts her booster seat in Carmen, an animated talking car, and sets off on a journey. Along the way, they enjoy the fun of riding in a car: buckling up, singing songs and using the sights out the window to play interactive games. There are exciting stops along the way and new places – the gas station, the post office, the tollbooth and many more.

Yo Gabba Gabba! – Summer: All the characters in Gabba Land use the outdoors and friends to capture the happiness of summertime. In “Bubbles,” “Summertime” and “Jumpy Jump,” everyone has fun doing different outdoor activities. Finally, the gang has a pool party and learns to take turns on the slide in the “Wait Your Turn” song.

Ni Hao, Kai-lan – The Hula Duck Dance Party: Kai-lan is going to a party at the Hula’s Ducks’ new island beach house, but when the party games lead to Rintoo having to sit out each time, he starts to cry. Kai-lan, Rintoo and Ho-Ho need help to figure out a new way to play so no one is left out.

My kiddos love this DVD! It’s great to have a mix of all of their favorite shows, plus it’s themed for summer which is perfect!

Join America’s favorite four best friends from Minnesota as they continue their journey to stardom in the all-new DVD release Big Time Rush: Season One, Volume Two. Kendall, James, Carlos and Logan are back with more of their antics as they navigate making it big time! Come hang poolside at “The Palm Woods,” try to attract some ladies and, above all, sing, dance and try to have it all. The boys quickly learn that success truly comes with dedication, determination and friendship – but they never forget to enjoy the ride! This brand-new two-disc set includes the last seven episodes of the season with special features and guest appearances by Fabio, Jordin Sparks and Ed Begley, Jr.

Big Time Rush: Season One, Volume Two Episode Synopses:


Big Time Blogger: Gustavo wants to generate hype around Big Time Rush and sets up an important interview with Deke, a blogger who can make or break a career. In an unfortunate turn of events, the boys end up kidnapping Deke.

Big Time Terror: When Gustavo’s mansion floods, Mom invites him to stay at the Crib. In order to get him to move out, the boys take advantage of “paranormal activity” at the Palm Woods and convince Gustavo the place is haunted.

Big Time Dance: The Palm Woods school is organizing its first dance and Big Time Rush secures the perfect location – Gustavo’s studio. Now in addition to finding the perfect date, the guys must rehearse for their first live performance at the dance.

Big Time Sparks: Jordin Sparks is staying at the Palm Woods while she records a new song with Gustavo. When the guys are told to stay away from her because they are bad luck, they try to prove their skeptics wrong and Jordin gets stuck in the middle.


Big Time Fever: Something odd is going on! Logan has lost his uptight edge, Carlos wants to be one of the Jennifers and James can’t stop spray tanning. It’s all because of Hollywood Fever, but there is no known cure. Kendall is left to figure out a solution and save his friends from themselves.

Big Time Video: The boys get to make their first music video! In all the excitement, they go overboard and promise roles to all the kids at the Palm Woods.

Big Time Concert: On the eve of their first album release, Griffin dashes the boy’s music dreams and they return home to Minnesota. Unwilling to accept defeat, the guys decide to take control and plan their first big concert with Gustavo’s help.

Which of these shows do your kids watch? Which are your favorites (I know you have favorites!)?

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