Multiples in the Kitchen: Marshmallow Peeps Necklaces


The girls and I are getting ready for Easter, starting with these Marshmallow Peeps Necklaces!

Peeps Necklaces on Multiples in the Kitchen

It seems that Peeps peep’ed out of store shelves earlier this year, so I started gathering as many colors as I could. I also picked up some donut-shaped gummy candies as additional “beads”. We also used baker’s twine, straws, scissors and toothpicks.


Start by poking a hole into the peep, in between the ears and head. In other words, perform a lobunnomy.


Once the straw appears on the other side, trim off the excess with scissors.


Then thread the twine through the straw, using a toothpick to help poke it through to the other side. Once the peep is centered on the twine, remove the straw carefully.


Yay! You can stop here…


…or you can keep adding on more candies and more Peeps.


Here’s a close-up of poking the twine through the straw with the help of a toothpick.


Peeps Statement Necklaces. Tres Chic.


You can also package the individual ones in narrow cellophane bags for gift giving, and add a gift tag. You can download the printable gift tags here on my blog.

Peeps Necklaces and Printable

Wishing you all a Hoppy Easter!


The Silly Pearl

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  1. This idea is AWESOME!! I am so excited to try it with my kids!!!

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