Multiples in the Kitchen: Fun with Fruit

I don’t know about you but we are so ready for spring.
I can’t wait until I can send the kids outside to play.
I am also ready for all the fresh fruits and vegetables to come back.
Here in the Midwest, winter not only means that you have to stay inside
but most of your fruits and vegetables need to come out of a can.

But lately, more and more of the fresh stuff has been popping up in the grocery store.
So in celebration of that and the fact that I am hoping, no praying,
that spring is truly on its way,
one afternoon the kids and I made fruit kabobs with fruit dip.

The kids had a lot of fun making the kabobs and it was a fun was to get them to eat and try all kinds of different fruits.

What you need is bite size pieces of your favorite fruits.
I used apples, blueberries, strawberries and grapes.
I also took this opportunity to expose the kids to fruit that they don’t normally
eat like pineapple and kiwi.

My kids were not interested in helping me cut up the fruit but I think that older kids may be.
Fruit is soft and easy to cut so let them have a dull knife and go to town.

Next, it was time to make the fruit dip.
I used one can of peaches in lite syrup and low fat vanilla yogurt.

First you need to drain the peaches and then mash them up.

Then add half of a large container, about 2 cups, of low fat vanilla yogurt to the bowl.

And mix it together.
And that is the dip.
Simple, quick and delicious.

Now its time to build the kabobs.
Give everyone some skewers and some fruit and
build with whatever combination the kids want.

Once all the kabobs are assembled, its time to enjoy.

This was a very fun snack to make with the kids. I encourage you to try it.

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  1. YUM! And, ok, is it totally crazy that as soon as i saw the first photo i knew it was hayden and that this post was written by jen? LOL
    (I'm Jen's personal blog stalker apparently.)

  2. That's fine with me, Debi. I know and love ya, so stalk away. 🙂

  3. My girls likes some fruits but maybe I can try this.

  4. bluecottonmemory

    I would so love to do fruit kabobs, steak and vegetable kabos (or chicken) – however little pointy sticks and boys (not matter the age) spell DANGER! DANGER! DANGER!

    I'm going to try and put on my brave mask and give it a try! I'll let you know how we survive! (Trust me, boys are NEVER to old to joust or swordfight with ANYTHING!

  5. Those sound delicious and a great idea!

  6. I am doing this with my preschool class tomorrow! We are making fruit rainbows to celebrate St. Patrick's Day AND talk about eating right because March is National Nutrition Month!

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