Multiples And More Question of the Week: Photo Organization

As we all know, parents these days take a lot of pictures of their kids- and having multiples means having two, three, or four times the photos to store or and organize. I must confess that other than those on my blog, the 1,000’s of photos I’ve taken of my kids over the past 2 1/2 years remain scattered on two different hard drives, in folders with names like “kids” and “playdate”. Our photos are precious memories, and it may just be a good time to get things organized before a hard drive tragedy strikes!

This week’s Multiples and More Question of the Week is a two-parter:
First- How do you store and organize your photos? (Digital, and physical?)
  • Do you save only on your computer, or do you use an online photosharing site?
  • If so, which one do you use? What do you like about it?
  • Do you have physical albums of your photos, or do they only exist online?
  • Do you scrapbook?
And second- let’s play a little game- Since today is 8-1, Go to your eighth album in your “Pictures” files, and post the first picture in it on your blog.

Tell us who or what is in the photo, and what was going on that day. Come back here, link up your blog post in the McLinky, and then go visit some of the other participants’ blogs. Leave a comment, of course, and don’t forget to grab our button!
Hope you are having a great weekend!


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  1. OMG, I'm not the best person to answer this question. When my girls were 4 months old all my pictures are on my computer (mistake, I know) but I have a goal, before 2010 ends I need to put their pictures on albums (lot of work to do).

  2. Me neither, when I think about all the pics I have taken and how unorganized they are since the babies were born (2 yrs ago) I get stressed out. Same as above, my goal is getting them better organized by the end of the year. Not much help am I. 🙂

  3. 1) How do you store and organize your photos? (Digital, and physical?)
    – My digital photos are somewhat organized on an external hard drive called MyBook. The system is … ok, divided into years and then months. Year One is even catalogued by event such as Visit A and Playdate B, but I have a feeling Year Two will only be sorted by months. It needs to be manageable, or else it won't get done!

    Physical photos are in plastic envelopes stacked in a shoe box, awaiting my Big Baby Album Project. I have no clue what to do with the remaining photos after I have finished with the albums. I fear shoe boxes will fill my attic one day.

    2, 3) Do you save only on your computer, or do you use an online photosharing site?

    I do use two different (Norwegian) photosharing sites, but I don't count this as storage. My blog, however, I do think of as storage in a way, since the uploaded pictures are automatically labelled by date and occasion.

    I use two different sites because my friends started using a different site than me. I keep the old one as well, since they print good pictures, and the postage is half of what the other site charges.

    4) Do you have physical albums of your photos, or do they only exist online?

    This is an embassasing question to answer, since I have so many albums (most of which are either unfinished or not even started). I have twins, and so I have decided to have one baby album for each of them and one for myself to have for when they have moved out and taken their own albums with them. (So far, so good, right?)

    Then they each have a book, where I add pictures and text for each big occasion, such as first christmas and each birthday.

    In addition, I have a tiny album, with barely no place for comments, which is the only one I have finished. It covers Year One. See, the "big" album for me is one of those where you glue in each picture and there is lots of room for comments and such. Hence, it is a much bigger project than the small one with plastic covers where you simply slide in pictures one by one.

    Then there is at least one more album, big but with little room for comments. I have imagined this one for Year Two. But I have practically no printed photos for Year Two yet, so it will have to wait – I don't want all the pictures to be piling up everywhere. And I intend to give myself a break after I am done with (all of) Year One anyways. It is, after all, the "baby album" wich is the most important one.

    5) Do you scrapbook?

    No, I don't. But I have saved some memorabilia from Year One to include in the album(s) such as tickets, medals, hospital wristbands etc.

    I also gave away, for Christmas, a hand made album for the grandparents and the great grandparents to have. I used some scrap book paper to frame around the photos. I made some large copies of pictures of them with the kids, and included the kids' art work there as well. I am very happy with that project, it took time and dedication and it was truly a gift for each person from my family. In fact, I ended up feeling silly I didn't make one for ourselves to keep!

  4. – MyBook, an external hard drive, where I catalogue by year and month.

    – I don't rely on external photosharing sites. But I feel my blog is a way to save photos online (Blogger/Picasa).

    – I have a ridiculous amount of "real" albums, most of which are not finished!

    – I don't scrapbook per se but I add some keepsakes. My wedding album includes some tickets, some place cards, a print-out of my speech, etc. I have something similar in mind for the baby album – hospital wristbands and such.

  5. Ops, sorry about double posting! It said the first comment was "too big to process" so I posted a shorter one… Sorry!!!

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