Multiples and More Question of the Week: Do you really know yourself?

I don’t know if you’ve ever seen the site but they have amazing deals and the other day the deal was you could get a $50 Gap giftcard for $25. Awesome deal, right? Scott, my husband, thought so and got me one since he knew I liked the store. I thought I did too until I looked at the website. I quickly realized I used to like the store. When did that happen? When did I change? How could I not notice? It happens to the best of us, we forget about ourselves in the daily shuffle. Today I thought it would be fun to do a little activity from Elizabeth Lyons’ book, You Cannot Be Serious. The activity is found in Rule #3, Woman Know Thyself. Here’s what you do:

Write a list of 10 surprising things about yourself

Here’s what to do:

* Grab the button, add it to a new post on your OWN blog
* Answer the Question of the Week on your blog (spice it up with pictures and/or video if possible!)
* Stop back here, and sign into the Mr Linky
* Click on the other names in the Mr Linky and check out everyone else’s answers
* Don’t want to blog about it? No problem, just answer the question in our comments section!

If you can’t come up with 10, no sweat! The point of the activity is to get to know you as you, not as a MoM or wife or daughter. Really think about your answers too, you’ll be surprised what you discover when you take a moment for yourself!

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  1. 10 surprising things about myself… Well, it depends who finds them surprising, I would say! But I'll give it a go.

    1: "On paper" I am super traditional, work as a teacher, drive an estate car, married with two children etc., but I never regard myself as traditional.

    2: I have a Master's degree and a professor begging me to take my project further to a doctorate degree.

    3: I enjoy a lot of "creative" activities such as drawing, painting, sowing, etc. but I have never been serious about it and prefer to keep it fun (and uneducated).

    4: I love reading but find that I almost never have the stamina for it – I seem to be too tired all the time.

    5: I love good comics and can read them again and again.

    6: I have no impulse control when it comes to shopping for my children…

    7: I absolutely adore watching films and especially love "family movies" – I would buy them all if i could!

    8: I think way too much about things I shouldn't be thinking about. And probably think too little about good things, such as remembering blessings and being thankful for things that went well.

    9: For a relatively newlywed wife (three years now) I alternate all too often between thinking I have the world's best husband – and thinking I could do better without him!

    10: I do believe I was ment to be a mother – but I can't understand why I don't come equipped with more patience!

  2. Marcia (123 blog)

    Mamma Sol, LOVE YOUR ANSWERS ":)

  3. What a great Question!! I'm excited about this one!

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