Multiples and More Question of the Week: Advice

This week our question is all about advice. A lot of us turn to message boards, online articles, Discovery Health etc. for advice on how to raise our kids or how to handle a situation. In the first few months I read What to Expect: The First Year seemingly every five seconds and would then call my Mom in hysterics about something I read. My Mom was always able to calm me down, so that’s who I go to now. That brings me to this weeks question:

Who do you go to for advice?

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  1. I usually go to my Mom too. She's an OB nurse so she has a little insight and she can usually stem my fears. I try not to google everything to death because that gets me into trouble and as far as info from people on message boards? there are 1001 opinions about everything so it doesn't help too much. I think between my husband and I we have pretty good instincts when it comes to the boys- so far! I read the Dr. Sears books while pregnant and we are reading Baby Wise now. I think it's funny how What to Expect is like the #1 book but everyone always says they stop reading it because it freaks them out. It must seem like *the* book to buy after the positive test. I bought it too- didn't pick it up after about week 20.

  2. Definitely I still go to my Mom. But most of the information or advices for were from the Internet and some sites about babies. And of course read two books.

  3. I just blogged the QOTW.

    The Blog Party was awesome! I had so much fun. Thanks for hosting (and congrats on reaching 700 followers!!).

  4. Missy (Two Little Monkeys)

    My mom is who I turn to most. She definitely has great advice. And next, especially with twin related questions – my friend Carrie who also has twins. It is so nice being friends with another MoM so we can compare notes & get advice

  5. I lost my mom 8 years ago before my kids were born, so I can't ask her questions. But i remember what an awesome mom she was. I also go to TC for questions about the trips or my friend that has trips a few months older than mine.

  6. Typically my mom..sometimes friends.

    You should give MckLinky a try…I think you can do more than one at a time:)

  7. I go to my mom first, she is amazingly calming and a great resource. Second would be veteran mothers of twins. I've consulted moms in my local twins mom group about potty training, napping schedules and even opinions on a 3rd child! I don't live and die bye what others say but it is nice to have an objective non-family voice. And since I know them in person I can get a feel for how they parent and how our styles match or don't match. I can pick and choose which moms I ask advice from vs. someone I meet on-line.

  8. The Adventures of Grunty and Chubbs

    I post questions to the online bulletin board of my local mother's of twins club. And I ask my mom and sister too. But sometimes my mom's advice is a little outdated – she hasn't had kids in 35 years!

  9. I usually go to a messagae board that I have made lots of internet friends on.Many twin Mommies too.They usually have lots of current experience on how to handle almost every situation. I also ask my triplet fiend who is very knowlegable and kind in the way she shares her experinences(oh yeah,that would be you Lani)

  10. okay so I can't type, but I love you guys:)

  11. Thank you Olga!

  12. I go to my Twin support group for everything!! They are an amazing wealth of knowledge AND you get the range of parenting style in your answers!

    The contest!! I went through withdrawal. I "googled" blog giveaways! I'm so excited to go choose my winner, too! WooHoo – lovely idea, fantastic party, no hangover, and hopefully some great parting gifts!!

  13. While I did go to my mom a lot in the beginning, most of the time I go to my message boards now. There's such a huge body of knowledge and experience available there, both from moms who've 'been there, done that' and from members who have professional training that I can always get a good range of advice and ideas when I need them.

  14. I blogged my response:

    It's heartwarming to see in the comments above how many mothers turn to their own moms. (I don't, but I hope my daughters will!)

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