Multiples and More QOTW: Your Last Supper

I’m a huge fan of Top Chef and on this past weeks episode they had to make three different chefs last suppers. This got me thinking, what would I want to eat if I knew it was my last meal? (please note I noticed the irony in this episode running during Lent) I think my last meal would have to be the amazing lobster bisque from Chefs de France, a big fat piece of Arnello’s pizza (cheese, sausage, pepperoni and black olives please), the home fries my Dad makes with brown gravy, my mom’s chili and for dessert my Godmother’s cinnamon rolls. I know none of that goes together, and I would probably die instantly of a heart attack, but it would delicious. So that begs the question:

What food would be served at your last supper?

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