Multiples and More QOTW: Nap Advice, Please!

One of the trickiest subjects in the world of raising young multiples is SLEEP! We realize all too quickly after they are born that sleep is precious, and must be treated with the utmost of care. The trouble is that most of us have our kids in the same rooms, but they usually don’t have the same exact sleep habits, which can cause some trouble! We all do things a little differently, so let’s share our techniques on encouraging healthy sleep habits in our multiples!

This week’s Multiples and More Question of the Week is:
How do you encourage healthy sleep habits in your children?
  • When they were infants, how did you get your babies to sleep/nap at the same time?
  • If they wake up early from a nap, how did/do you handle that?
  • Do you have a minimum amount of time that you want your babies to sleep, or at least rest in their cribs for?
  • Napping transitions (this is a big one!): How did/do you handle the situation of going from two naps to one, when one child is ready and the other(s) were not?
  • If you have older multiples- how did the transition to toddler beds affect their sleep patterns? When did naps *gasp* come to an end?
  • Feel free to add your own questions in the comment section as well!
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One comment

  1. I got this question so much back just after we got the boys on a nap schedule (and sleeping through the night for 12 hours at a time) that I wrote a blog post about it…. way back when they were 5 months old! That's the post I linked to today.

    Nap and bed time has been much trickier since moving them to toddler beds 3.5 months ago. The boys now nap in separate rooms and fall asleep in separate rooms at bedtime and then get moved back to their beds.

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