Multiples and More QOTW: Dear Pregnant Self…

This week we’re doing our Question of The Week a little differently..
Remember that fateful day, the one where you found out you were expecting multiples? The emotions that ran through your body, the thoughts you may or may not have felt like sharing, the concerns that started keeping you up at night for the next 7-9 months? Just imagine if you knew then, what you know now.
If you could go back in time (think: Marty McFly) and have a chat with your pregnant self, what would you say?
For this week’s question of the week, write a letter to yourself- your newly expecting, have-no-clue-what-you-were-in-for self.
Here’s what to do:

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  1. First time participating – it was fun! Thanks!

  2. I posted mine. Love these QOTW! Thanks

  3. Awesome question. Just did mine.

  4. This is the first QOTW I have done 🙂 My blog is private, but it gave me a lot to think about! What a great question.

  5. I can't wait to read everyone's! I linked an old post, but I can't think of any better thing I'd tell myself.

  6. Fun post. My first time participating!!

  7. These have been such fun reading!!

  8. Finally finished mine…it's looooooong! Can't wait to read everyone else's!

  9. Great question!

  10. This QOTW brought a lot of memories again… you guys do it every time! Thanks for the chance to look bacj again, I can't wait to see other peoples' posts on their blogs!

  11. That was fun! Memories!

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