Multiples and More QOTW: A Perfectly Child-Free Day

How often do you get a day to yourself? If you are a member of this community, the answer is probably “never”. You might actually be laughing right now at the suggestion, trying to remember the last time you had one (bedrest, maybe?) It may not be in the cards for a while, but let’s take a moment to dream, shall we?
Here’s this week’s question of the week:
If you were given $1,000.00, and 24 completely responsibility-free hours.. what would you to do with it?

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  1. I love this question! Very fun!

  2. I would sleep in, but not super late…maybe till 9:00. Because at 10:00 the maids and lawn service guys are showing up. While they make my house beautiful (with nobody underfoot to ruin it 10 seconds later) I am going to head to a spa and get a pedicure and one of those fancy body wraps. I'll even let the ladies in the salon wash and style my hair. Around 1:00 I'll head to lunch somewhere with my other MOM friends who amazingly all have $1000 to spend with no kids to watch (lol). Then I'm going shopping for new clothes…for ME! And I'm not going to stress about getting back to the house like I always do…I'm going to take my sweet time. For dinner I'm going to meet husband at that fancy new theater where they serve you drinks and dinner and you sit back in leather recliners. I'm going to drink a little too much but it's ok because my husband tells me he's going to get up with the kids in the morning.

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