Multiples and More Blog Scavenger Hunt Announcement

You asked, we answered. We are excited to announce our next Multiples and More Blog Network Contest! Everyone loves a good scavenger hunt, right? Well we’ve put together a very special kind of scavenger hunt for our very special readers!

Starting Monday June 29th, we’ll be posting a clue every day, for 15 days, at the bottom of our daily posts. These clues will lead you to specific blogs in our network, who have links in our blogrolls, in our right sidebar. We will leave the clues up, so if you miss one, you can check past posts to get them.

  • There will be only one correct blog for each clue.
  • The “destination” blogs will ONLY be Multiples and More Network blogs, with our button in the sidebars.

Keep track of each blog as you find it, it’s title, and it’s address. On the day that the last clue is revealed, the FIRST EIGHT contestants to email us IN ORDER, the correct 15 blogs/answers will win prizes. Answers should be emailed to, and should contain the following information:

Contestant Name
Contestant’s Blog Address
Mailing Address
List of Blogs, numbered 1 through 15, including Titles and Blog Addresses


  • You must be a Multiples and More Network Member to enter (click here to find out how to become a member) Don’t have a blog? Maybe its a good time to start one:)
  • Before you start, (and if you get a late start, that’s ok) email us with your name and blog info, letting us know you are participating. Don’t worry, it’s not a commitment. We just want an idea of how many participants we have.
  • As soon as our last clue is revealed on Monday, July 13th, we will accept your email submissions with the answers. Again, the first 8 contestants to return all of the correct answers will win prizes. We will accept submissions until Wednesday, the 22nd. If by that date, no one has returned all of the correct answers, we will award prizes to those with the greatest number of correct answers. If you missed a few answers- submit the ones you found! You never know:)
  • When you find a blog, leave them a comment and let them know you were there!

Now, for the prizes! We decided to spread the prizes out this time, so more of you can win. There are quite a few, so bear with us!

From Little Bits Of Me, our First place winner will receive a beautiful personalized, handstamped necklace. Our Second and Third Place winners will receive handstamped silver keychains.

Our Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Place winners will each receive packs of write-on SafetyTats! Perfect for days at the park, or other crowded places, SafetyTats will help your child return to you safely in the event they are lost.
Our Seventh and Eighth place winners will each receive a Nellie’s All Natural laundry soda prize pack. Nellie’s laundry soda is environmentally friendly, hypoallergenic and super concentrated so you only need to use a little on those big loads!
So make sure you have your binoculars and pens and paper ready! The fun starts Monday June 29th!


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  1. So fun!! I can't wait!

  2. Oh how fun! I can't wait to try and figure it out.

  3. whoo! Fun!!

  4. I'm in! 🙂

  5. Missy (Two Little Monkeys)

    I love scavenger hunts! Woohoo!

  6. Sounds like fun!!!!

  7. Sounds like fun. This will be my first time.

  8. I love scavenger hunts … I will play along!

  9. Count me in! This sounds like a lot of fun!

  10. Keith and Jamie

    I am totally hooked…Count me in as playing!
    Great Idea!!!

  11. sound like fun – count me in!

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