Melissa of The Diddle Martins

The featured blogger of the week is Melissa of The Diddle Martins! Melissa is the proud MoM of almost 2-year old twins Mable and Ruby!

What made you start a blog?

I started blogging right after my husband and I got married. I wanted to be able to look back and remember fun times, like we do now, but only with children.

You had a long journey to parenthood, what advice would you offer other couples in the same situation?

Seek out others that have been through the same thing as you. Online there are many websites that can help with questions, fears and even help you link up to others doing through the same thing as you.

What was your pregnancy like?

In the beginning I was so sick! All day everyday! It hit at 8 weeks and stayed to around 16 weeks. The only way I could get out of bed was to keep a nutri grain bar by my bed, force myself to eat a couple bites and then walk to my desk where I would work for a couple hours until I was so sick that I would have to lay back down. It was hard! I had to make sure my husband feed the dogs because I would get sick by the smell of their food, really any smell! Just thinking about food made me sick. I said something to my doctor about being sick and he gave me meds, but it only took the edge off a bit. Oh! I was bad, but it was all worth it!

You mentioned that Mable lost her ability to suck at three months, what was that time like for you and what advice do you have for families also going through this?

It was horrible! Here we are with this tiny baby, who came home from the hospital at 3 pounds 14 ounces and she can not and will not eat. Of course as a parent you think the worst, you think it’s something you did or something you could have done better, but in this case it was not. We did therapy, changed bottles, started her on the most gentle formula out there, Elacare, but in the end, I think it was all time. We stressed our self out so much over how many calories she (both of the girls) was getting that it look over our life. When looking back on it, we should have given it more time instead of going straight to therapy, where all she did was scream and I cried. We also, I’m my opinion, should have never put her on elecare. The only reason I say this is because when she was almost a year we slowly switched from Elacare to Whole Organic Milk and she would down a bottle!

What are some of your favorite things to do as a family?

We live in a new town, well almost been here a year. We love to be outside and explore all the city offers. If there is a festival going on, we can be found there. We will be the crazy parents dancing around with their children, just to see the smiles on their face. We go to the park many times a week, the girls call it, weeing! (that’s what they say when they go down the slide and swing). We have never been a family where we stay home bc it might be hard or difficult to do something new. If there is a new restaurant we want to try, we all go as a family. The floor might look a mess, but I am known to get on the floor and pick up the kids food. 🙂 Every weekend is family time! We give every once of our weekends to our children. We want them to grow up with the best memories and that all comes back to what we provide for them, not in things, but in love and fun.

What question or questions do you have for the other families in the community?

Potty Training! We will be turning 2 on Jan. 4. I know some children take longer to train and I by no means want to stress my girls out with this task, now ourselves. Is 2 a good age to train? Right now they sit on their potty’s before bath time, but never really have any luck.

We are doing a Disney Cruise in April and would love not to have to make all those diapers! 🙂

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