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The featured blogger of the week is Melanie of The Scarths! Melanie is the proud MoM of 17 month old girls, Emily and Ana.

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What made you decide to start a blog?

I decided to start a blog when I was going through the final stages of the adoption process. It had taken my husband (ex-now) and I so long to get to this point, and I realized that I didn’t have anything to show for it. I loved keeping journals when I was younger, and this was my adult way to keep track of my life!

I also did not live close to any of my family and thought this would be a good way to keep them updated and feeling like they were somewhat involved.

Were you surprised to find out you were having twins?

Yes, I was one of those people who knew nothing about twins and how the whole thing worked. I guess I never needed to know and did not know any twins that made me wonder.

There was no reason for me to suspect that I would ever have twins. I actually thought that they were something that was genetic and the first thing that I said to the tech who was doing the ultrasound and told us we were expecting twins was “Is that even possible? There are no twins in my family” O.k. NOW after having done extensive research I understand.

The next thing the tech said was “I would suggest you not tell anyone yet…” We asked why and were told that twins this early in the game don’t always both make it (we were only 5 weeks along).

So I found out that I was having twins and that I was going to probably have a very stressful pregnancy all in the space of about 10 minutes. Then I had to go back to work and pretend that all was normal!

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You mentioned you were put on bedrest, what are some tips that you have for other MoM’s that are put on bedrest?

Don’t cheat. It is hard to do nothing. Very hard. As well as very boring and frustrating. You want to get the baby’s room ready, wash all the darling little clothes you have gotten, clean the house in preparation for new arrivals, fix yourself a snack, get a glass of water, have a shower.

All these things are very tempting to just say to yourself this one little thing wont matter. I am here to tell you that they do matter. Every single time I did something that I was not supposed to I ended up in the hospital in preterm labor and had to have some sort of drug, or treatment including magnesium sulfate and had to be admitted twice to be on hospital bedrest. Hindsight is 20/20. I wish I had not done all those things and not been hospitalized so many times.

I had the luxury of having a laptop. So I would put a pillow on my lap and put my laptop on it and just shop (or browse) get on baby center, facebook.

I researched a ton on car seats and those type of baby things. I also looked up many blogs to see if there was anything I could use. I made quite a few on-line friends! Drink lots of water. Going to the bathroom is your only excuse to get up (if allowed) and I made the most of it!!

Camping Fun

What are some of your favorite things to do as a family?

Get outside! We love to go to parks. We also love to camp! It is a bit troublesome as parents to camp and play outside since little ones like to eat everything, but they have so much fun it is worth it. They also love to swim and we have taken them swimming as often as possible. Other than that, the weekly trip to the grocery store was the only thing we did with the girls for a really long time that was public.

What is one of your favorite posts or the post that you think best describes your blog?

My blog is pretty much just a day in the life everyday. It is a way to document my children’s childhood and my spouse and my reaction to it!

So Much Fun

What question or questions do you have for the other families in the community?

I have my facebook group that I can ask anything too, and usually get answers right away! How does everyone deal with the learning curve? If I didn’t have this group I have I dont know how I would find out all the info I need to care for twins in as easy as possible manner.

 As well as this…how do you have adult time? I don’t like thinking about leaving my twins with a babysitter…yet it has been so long since I did anything outside of my home without my kids.

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