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The featured blogger this week is Meg of My 2 Men & a Little Lady. Meg is the proud MoM of 6 year old Sophie and 2 year old twins, Liam and Cullen. Meg is also a marathon runner and has completed 14 marathons!

Your daughter is 4 years older than your twins, how did she react to the news of twin brothers?

Originally, she wanted at least 1 of them to be a girl, so we were a little nervous to tell her she was getting 2 brothers. However–she took it in stride!! she kind of said, “great!”, and went on on her merry way.

What was your pregnancy like?

I had a blessedly healthy pregnancy with my twins. pretty textbook. I was nauseated most days up until the day of delivery but nothing unmanageable. My biggest “symptom” was difficulty breathing. I am sure other MoM’s know…you are just so FULL of baby it is hard to get a good deep breath. I was induced at 37 wks, 4 days and was able to deliver vaginally.

What tips do you have for parents expecting twins?

I wish I could go back & not worry so much about how HARD it was going to be. I knew it would be hard, but I didn’t know how much I would LOVE it!! Taking care of 2 precious miracles you are crazy in love with does NOT feel like a burden. I would also say to accept help from anyone who offers. Meals, someone to come hold babies while you nap…every little bit helps, so take them up on it!!

You mentioned you’ve run 14 marathons, how do you find time to train? Which one has been your favorite?

My favorite marathon I have ever run was the Marine Corps Marathon in Washington D.C. I was actually pregnant with my daughter Sophie when I ran it; I was still in the first trimester & got my doctor’s clearance to run it. Finding the time to train has been MUCH more difficult since the twins were born. I have done lots of early morning runs before my husband leaves for work, lots of runs at the Y while the kids are in childcare there, and did all my long runs on Friday nights after my kids were in bed. YES it is hard to make the time, but if you REALLY want to, you can.

What are some of your favorite things to do as a family?

We love the going to the beach, although traveling with 3 small children is NOT for the faint of heart!! We are very involved in our church, love spending time outdoors, time with the kids grandparents, cheering on Sophie at her sporting events…just being TOGETHER.

What question(s) do you have for the other families in the community?

My boys are at an age (2.5) where they fight every time they do not have they do not have the exact same of everything, all the time. They fight over which carseat they sit in. They fight over who gets dressed first or out of the bath first. I am not sure how to curb the fighting or what kind of discipline to employ regarding it??

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  1. I too would love to know the answer. I have two sets of twins and whilst my fraternal boy/girl twins now aged 10 have never presented any real problems with fighting my 5 year old identical twin girls do!
    Angela recently posted…Home Ed Trip – Oxburgh HallMy Profile

  2. My twins are 3 1/2 and they fight often. What works best for us has almost always been diversion and redirection–oh look twin 1 there’s a rubber ducky! Hey twin 2 will you help me turn on the water, etc. We’ve also implemented a “jewel bowl system.” Using little glass beads (that I keep out of reach)each child has a fishbowl with her name on it. When they do something good–like getting along, sharing and playing nice a jewel goes in. Earn x amount of jewels and you get a prize from the treasure chest! Fight and you get one taken out.

  3. If you find the answer to stop the fighting I’d love to know. My boys are 2.5 and beat the holy heck out of each other. I finally moved them to separate rooms to help prevent them from seriously hurting one another. I’m not kidding when I say threre’s been blood and bruises and some crazy goose-eggs.

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