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The featured blogger this week is Lissa of Love, Learn, Play! Lissa is the proud MoM of 2 1/2 year old  identical twin boys Caleb and Matthew.

What made you decide to start a blog?

I have always loved to write and I always seem to make people laugh when I do. Just based on the little snip-its I post on Facebook, my friends and family have been encouraging me to write a blog or a book about our adventures with our twins. A blog seemed like an easier place to start, so here I am!


How did you react when you found out you were pregnant with twins? How did your families react?

I was just glad I was laying down on the ultrasound table and that my husband was sitting down in a chair next to me- because if we weren’t already laying or seated, I think at least one of us would have ended up on the floor! We had no reason to suspect twins so it was a true surprise! Our family just laughed and teased us that we deserved twins because my husband and I are both over-achievers 🙂

How was your pregnancy?

The first trimester was really rough- I was working a very stressful job and that along with the hormones caused a mild depressive episode. I lost 20 pounds and couldn’t sleep at all. But I quit my job right when I started my second trimester and it was like BAM- I felt PERFECT! The rest of my pregnancy was amazing and I loved it!

I saw on your blog that you are currently potty training, how is that going? Any tips and tricks to share?

Well- it was going really well when my husband was home from work for a week! The man to man defense really helped! Now that I’m going at it alone for most of the day, its tough, but we’re getting it!. We’re not doing any reward system- we just think its something the boys need to learn to do as part of growing up and there isn’t always a prize or treat for growing up!

What is your favorite thing to do as a family?

As long as we’re all together, it doesn’t matter what we’re doing! But we love to be outside- playing at the park, taking walks, working in our vegetable garden- if we’re outside, we’re ALL happy!

What question(s) do you have for the other families in the community?

How on EARTH has anyone successfully transitioned to big kid beds?!?! We tried it last summer and it was a nightmare- it was like party time every night and NO ONE slept for two weeks. We went back to cribs with crib tents but I know we’ll have to try it again some time before our boys start college… I’m just terrified that when we do it, we’ll never sleep again!

Be sure to leave your answer to Lissa’s question in the comment section and then head over to Love, Learn, Play to leave some bloggy love!

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  1. Hi Lissa! I have a 4 and 6 yr old…but still, we transitioned them together. At the time, my son was the same age as your twins. And yes, he would get up and play…thankfully he never bothered my daughter. Sometimes I hit the bedtime just right and he was so exhausted that he fell asleep right away, but I did have to talk to him, as part of our bedtime routine, that it was bedtime/sleepytime, and not playtime. I DO have to commend you on the fact that you are potty training at the same time as trying to transition into toddler beds…which, I am no expert, but could that be an issue too? I know I have read before that too much change can be difficult for them. But of course, that means you have to beat them getting up in the morning so you can grab them before they wake up and pp. ho-hum! The trials and tribulations as a mommy! 🙂

    And good for you about making going potty a part of growing up!! I never thought to put it that way…and even as a nutrition/fitness expert..I too was the one who gave the treats for accomplishments! lol!! Your boys are adorable!! 🙂
    Jackie recently posted…National Women’s Health Week!!My Profile

  2. Cribs to beds are quite the adventure. We just made sure the room was safe, all furniture anchored. Then we would just close the door. After awhile the newness wears off and they will sleep. You just have to ‘stay in the trenches’.

    I have an entire photo book of ‘after sleep’ photos. My boys would play and move all toys and then just fall asleep amongst the mess.

    Good luck!
    JP’sMom recently posted…Drive-in Movie…My Profile

  3. We surprisingly had a nice crib to bed transition. Our twins have separate rooms though, and I know that makes a HUGE difference. Actually the first few days, it was like they didn’t realize they could get out of bed until we came to get them!

    Initially, we stayed with them until they fell asleep. Then we transitioned that out. But like JP’s Mom said, make sure the room is safe. Secure heavy furniture, remove blind cords, etc. And get a video monitor! We did, and those suckers are awesome. I can see what they’re up to and know if I need to intervene, without them getting riled up from seeing me peek in their rooms. We transitioned around 2.5 too.
    Jessie recently posted…Pink Sparkly HeadbandsMy Profile

  4. Oh, and we definitely have had to do the super nanny thing where you slow transition to sitting in the doorway with your back to them, and wait until they stop crying, screaming and eventually fall asleep. They never really did the ‘party in the room’ thing, but they definitely had phases of protesting bedtime and staying in their rooms.
    Jessie recently posted…Pink Sparkly HeadbandsMy Profile

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