Lisa of Three at Once!

The featured blogger of the week is Lisa of Three at Once! Lisa is the proud MoM of three-year-old identical triplets, Andrew, Parker, and Nicholas.

What made you decide to start a blog?

I had been hospitalized for monitoring for almost two weeks and the days were starting to run together. I thought a blog would be a great to help me keep track of what was going on and serve as a way to keep track of everything as our lives were preparing to get much busier.

Were you surprised when you found out you were having triplets?

We were shocked to put it mildly. I was starting the 5th month of my pregnancy and we opted to have the quad screen blood test just to be better prepared in case there was anything to worry about. We’d heard a heart beat a couple of times and everything looked normal. My doctor called a few days later to let me know the test came back with elevated alpha-fetoprotein and it meant a 1 in 300 chance of spina bifida so we needed to get an ultrasound done immediately. What she didn’t mention was that it could also be a sign of multiple fetuses. They did five scans that day looking for membranes and measuring everyone, in between scans we were both pacing the room. Trying to figure out how we were going to fit in our house, buying a bigger car, what about my job. It was a general panic and the shock didn’t wear off completely for about two weeks.

You mentioned you color code your triplets, does this system work for you and your family?

We started color coding very early on just to help others tell our boys apart. We dressed them in their colors when not at home until about 15 months. After that we stopped intentionally dressing them in their assigned color except for family gatherings. Right now only their shoes are in the colors we chose, but the color assignments have stuck and they are very insistent about getting ‘their’ color if it’s an option.

Initially it helped to reduce fighting, everyone knew whose cup, toy, etc belonged to. It’s very helpful when introducing the boys to new people or in organized events. We are moving away from the color assignments except for the shoes, because it’s very hard to guess who is who when all you can see is the back of their heads running in opposite directions.

What tips do you have for other families with identical triplets?

I think it’s important with any multiples, but especially identicals to treat each as an individual. We rarely use the word triplet in our home, not to diminish the boys unique relationship but instead to stress that they are their own person. We always refer to them by name or by nickname or if we do need to refer to all of them they are simply the boys. One thing that has come up recently is the importance of labeling all photos ASAP because it is impossible to remember who is who especially in the infant stage for every photo, they look very similar and sleep deprivation doesn’t help.

Finally embrace the attention, it’s unavoidable and if you don’t it will just drive you crazy. Try to have fun with it rather than get annoyed by it.

What are some of your favorite activities to do as a family?

We love taking the boys on short hikes, camping and going on Disney vacations. My husband and I are both snowboarders, so this year we are excited to start the boys on skis.

What questions do you have for the other families in the community?

We are in the middle of potty training, with limited success. How do you get it to finally click that using the potty is an all the time thing?

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  1. Mine had to be potty trained before they started their 3s program. They turned 3 in August, so I was nervous. I made them earn their underwear. Then they earned shorts. We did some naked sessions in the backyard. I brought a potty everywhere. I didn’t force potty training at night and during naps. It just kind of happened. Oh, I also made them go to that bathroom every 20 minutes for WEEKS. Those microwave timers came in handy! Good luck!!
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