Katie of The Zawislaks

The featured blogger of the week is Katie of The Zawislaks! Katie is the proud MoM of 8 month old twins Noah and Molly.

What made you decide to start a blog?

I wanted a way to document my journey through infertility. I didn’t know how many courses of treatment we would need, but I knew that I wanted a way to keep track of it all…the appointments, the drugs, the emotions.

What was your road to parenthood like? Do you have any advice for families in a similar situation?

photo-8My road to pregnancy was relatively short, as far as infertility goes. “Luckily” (I use that term loosely, as no one who struggles with infertility is lucky!) we knew going in that we’d have trouble getting pregnant, so I didn’t have to go through the agony of charting, temping, peeing on sticks every month and seeing only one line. The flip side, though, is spending age 18-30 wondering if I’d ever be able to have kids! My pregnancy was fairly uneventful as far as twin pregnancies go. I would recommend anyone seeing an RE or other fertility specialist do their research, not only on their doctor, but also on the procedures and drugs. And if you’re lucky enough to be pregnant with multiples, read up on that too! Take care of yourself. It’s not easy gestating twins or more. And finally: take any advice from a singleton parent with a grain of salt.


What was your pregnancy like?

“Boring” according to my MFM! 🙂 I carried the babies to 35w6d. I credit my husband for a lot of the success, because he really made me stick to my high protein diet and took good care of me. I hated it at the time! I loved being pregnant. I’m only 5 feet tall, so I started showing pretty early, and by the end, I was the biggest pregnant woman I had ever seen. I loved it though (until the end when I was too swollen to be comfortable)


What is your best tip for a new parent of twins?

Accept any and all help that is offered to you. People would come over and offer to watch the babies while I took a nap, but I rarely took them up on it. Nap when you can. Naps are glorious. And love your babies for the two unique individuals that they are. Lots of people want to lump multiples together, or compare them to each other etc. My babies are like night and day!

What question or questions do you have for the other families in the community?

When will people stop asking me if my son and daughter are identical?!?

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  1. I agree with your advice about the help. I didn’t take much either, but man, I should have! :~)

    Oh I just got a good laugh about the question you had…”are your son and daughter identical?” We have a boy/girl set of twins and we probably got that question until they were just past a year! They are now 2-1/2. (As a side note, although extremely rare, boy/girl can be identical. I didn’t know this until after our twins were born and someone else pointed it out. Oh well. Less than ten confirmed cases… http://multiples.about.com/od/funfacts/a/boygirlident.htm.)

    Have fun on this journey! It’s a fun one! :~)
    Theresa recently posted…21-Day De-Clutter: Bedroom ClosetsMy Profile

    • It boggles my mind! People will be looking right at them and ask how I tell them apart. I tell them Molly has a tiny birthmark on her cheek, and Noah has a penis.

      • Hehehe…correction… We were just asked today…at the age of 2-1/2….if they were identical. My husband couldn’t hide his laughter b/c I had just told him about your post this past week! The person felt bad and I thnk as soon as it came out of her mouth, she knew the obvious answer. :~) So who knows when that question will stop…

        And btw…I like your answer to people who ask! Hahaha :~D
        Theresa recently posted…Be Encouraged This Weekend {#1}My Profile

  2. Hi Katie!! A friend just recommended this page to me… I log on for the first time and see you!! This world of multiples is smaller than I thought 🙂

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