How to Sleep Train Twins

“Is your baby sleeping through the night, yet?” Is a common question asked to new parents. Instead I would like to re-frame it to, “when did mum and dad sleep through the night?” Ahh sleep. The most precious and valuable commodity in the world. When I was amidst the newly home baby night routine I read somewhere that new parents driving with little sleep is comparable to drink driving. Try feeding twins to a schedule! The buggest challenge to multiple mums and dads is How to Sleep Train Twins!

At the time I thanked the midwives for establishing a routine while my twin girls were in special care. The schedule was pretty standard which consisted of a four hourly routine  of waking baby, change nappy, feed, burp, and return to cot. Repeat every four hours….

When we got home we kept to the routine but often I was told by well meaning people, “do not wake a sleeping baby” which I found ridiculous to a parent of twins. Sometimes this routine s worked and sometimes it did not…  Nina Garcia author of “How to Sleep Train Twins” summarizes exactly what I mean, “You knew having twins would be hard, but not this hard. They’ve been crying more often in the middle of the night than you expected. You’re barely falling asleep when one or the other wakes up. You rock, shush, or nurse for an hour, only to repeat the cycle all over again.”


During the pregnancy I had read the usual popular pregnancy books but it was the multiple birth stories that I was most interested in because parents of multiple babies have slightly different challenges. So I was super excited to review Nina Garcia, fellow parent of twins and author of step-by-step guide to sleep training twins:

In this guide you will learn…

  • The steauthor-photop-by-step process of sleep training twins: Confused with all the sleep training books you’ve read? How to Sleep Train Twins guides you through the exact process tailored for twins, down to the minute.
  • How to wean from night feedings: Learn how to gradually reduce and drop night feedings. Your twins will learn to consume their calories during the day and sleep through the night.
  • Sleep training for naps: Learn the techniques to sleep train your twins for naps. You’ll get the when, where, and how of doing it successfully.
  • The tools you’ll need: Successful sleep training relies on preparation. I’ll show you the items you’ll need to make sure sleep training goes smoothly. You’ll also get a printable sleep tracker to record your progress.

Now since my girls are now little six year old’s I read this book in hindsight and fresh look as if my babies were newborns again. This guide is a wonderfully written and steps through from preparation, the process of sleep training, weaning from night feeding and sleep training for naps.

At the time my girls were babies my wonderful mother bought me a diary to record their feeding and sleeping schedules and I now look at it with fond memories. So I was very happy to see in this guide it also includes a Sleep Tracker so you can print out and record it as well.



Some of the strategies I recalled I took action in was maximizing the daily feeds, keeping the babies up more while minimizing the night feeds and sleeping. At the time it was hard because as the girls were four weeks early and I was never quite sure what stage they were supposed to be at; their actual age or corrected age. What was also difficult was trying to keep the girls awake. They were always sleepy and this was difficult breastfeeding as it just put them to sleep whereas the bottle was easier and efficient and measurable. Slowing moving away from the four hourly routine to this structure was a challenge. This guide is a fresh look at how to sleep train twins which may challenge the traditional four hourly routine but if you read the testimonials it is great advice for any new parent for twins or more!  Download your copy here. 







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