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  1. Yep, made all the food for my triplets when they were babies and am making it now for my 8 month old! It’s really not nearly as hard as people think – I just cook or steam food (if it needs to be cooked) and either fork mash it or throw it into my blender. I freeze some in baby food cubes or ice cube trays (whichever is clean) and am good to go!
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  2. When I am bottling fruits, I turn some into “sauce” and put into half pint jam jars and seal as I would my jam. Then I have plenty ready for my babies when they are in that stage. Have done this for my singletons and my twins. Works great for fruits and veggies. I like it better than freezing (I never have enough freezer space) and the half pint provides enough to last for a couple of meals if I keep it in the fridge after opening.

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