How I Met My Valentine: Jennifer and Korey

messy 014In honor of  February being the month of love and because this blog is for my kiddos to read when they get bigger, I thought I’d share how I met my very own sweet Valentine!
Surprisingly, Korey and I grew up only a few miles away from each other, went to the same christian school, but never really knew each other until one fateful day at the lake…
In fact, if you’d like to know- it was there, at that same lake, with Korey that I had my first kiss…well, ok- it wasn’t technically with Korey, sadly, it was with his best friend, but Korey was there the whole time- kicking a bottle cap around on the ground and wishing it was him, instead of his friend I was kissing. (ok, I added that last part, but I like to think that’s what he was doing- not just wishing I would leave his friend alone) 🙂
After that fateful first kiss…we went our own ways for a few years, only to take up our friendship, again, after we hit high school. I was a year ahead of Korey in school, but that didn’t stop me from having a little crush on this cute guy who barely resembled that dorky, tight black jean and baseball cap wearing kid that I met in the park years earlier. I found reason after reason to put myself in his path, all to no avail. I asked him for rides to school, I was friends with his friends, I talked to him before church and plagued his family with invitations over to my parent’s house for dinner…but, never once did he ask me to a dance or out on a date…what a bummer!! Good thing I make a lasting impression (or maybe my persistence finally paid off) because a few years later, when we both were out of highschool- he got bored enough that he started calling his old friends to see what they were up to…apparently no one else was home but me and I’ve never been more thankful for my lack of a life and for my amazing ability to talk and talk and talk some more!! Korey must have been impressed with it, too, because less than 2 years later I finally convinced the man of my dreams to give me his last name!! 🙂
I love you, my sweet Valentine, and I’m incredibly thankful that you chose me to be your wife! It seems like so long since our first Valentine’s Day together…and even though our love, now, more closely resembles playdoh hearts than expensive jewelry and flashy nights out, I think it gets sweeter and sweeter with each passing year!
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