How I Met My Valentine: Jamie

I met my Valentine on a blind date set up by my mom and his sister who taught together, about 8 years ago. My mom gave me his number (given by his sister) and he called me on January 4, 2005. We talked pretty much all day every day on the phone (because we lived 3 hours apart). We didn’t know what each looked like but fell in love with each others personalities. 2 weeks later, he finally came in town to take me on a date. He actually called me early afternoon to see if he could come meet me before we went out that night. I said yes, even though I was in my sweats and wasn’t about to get my makeup on that early to meet him. He came over and we hit it off. He left that afternoon to get ready for our date and came back to pick me up. That night, after our date, I knew I would marry that guy, despite how much he talked my ear off. 🙂
We got engaged in August, not even 8 months later, after we met, and were married by June of 2006, the next year. We have twin boys that will turn 2 in march and are more in love with each other than ever. Watching him with our boys makes me love him even more. I’m so thankful and blessed to call him my husband and father/ baby daddy of my kids! So blessed
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