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Today we welcome Kristen from Epic Childhood. In addition to being a mum to 5 children including twins, she is busy blogging about everyday fun and educational activities. Plus she has a wonderful curated Pinterest account sharing heaps of education ideas and inspirations in light play.

Why did you start your blog?

 I wanted to showcase all of my twins unique toys and eclectic way of play, especially light table play and light play.  light table play and light play
Plus, my twins have been homeschooled since preschool and I blog about that too.  I consider myself an expert in light tables, play and learning on light tables, and different types of light play.  I also have studied Montessori and Reggio Emilia over the past 5 years.  Our homeschooling is both Reggio Emilia and Montessori inspired.  I am a firm believer in play based learning, I have singletons age 19, 16, and 15.  I did not homeschool them.
The new ways of how children are subjected to the common core standards in school have made me decide to educate myself in alternative learning methods. This is what also drove me to want to homeschool.
I enjoy helping other mothers through my blog to learn new ways for their children to play and learn.  My twins have no lost parts to toys, no broken toys, the toys are not all over the room, and they are kept very tidy.I thank both the Montessori and Reggio Emilia approaches to play and learning for this. When they were two, I made huge changes to their toys and how their room is set up. It has made an enormous difference.
I only wish I had all of this knowledge when my older children were little. I would have brought them up with Montessori and Reggio Emilia influence. I moved out the more common toys, anything blinky or noisy, and started bringing in open ended toys that promote creativity and intelligence. It’s all history from there, and documented on my blog!    I am happy to take any emailed question from other Moms. 🙂

Where you surprised to discover you were carrying twins?

Yes we were very surprised.  There have not been twins in either side of our family in more than 50 years.
There have never been twins on my husbands side of the family.

What was your pregnancy like?

I had preeclampsia and it resulted in having to deliver at 32 weeks 3 days.  They were in the NICU for 28 and 30 days.  Graham came home at 28 days old, and Parker at 30 days old.

What has been your biggest accomplishment these part 12 months?

I think my biggest accomplishment on my blogging has been that my Pinterest now has over 72,000 followers.

What is your best advice for new parents of multiples?

Don’t feel like you can’t ask others for advice. Sometimes other Moms of multiples have wonderful ideas and advice.
What questions do you have the families of Multiples and More? Do any other families homeschool? Do any other Moms of multiples blog?
Twin Epic Childhood

What is your favourite blog post you want to share?

I would love to share my
and my website for Light table play and light play information and ideas  http://www.theultimatelighttableguide.com/
 light table play and light play
Visit www.pinterest.com/LightTableGuide/ for amazing ideas in Light Games
 light table play and light play
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  1. I would so love to do light table play with my boys. I follow her on social media she has such great ideas!!!

  2. Thank you for the feature!!

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