Guest Blogger: Sarah of the Great Umbrella Heist

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Today we are glad to present a guest post by Sarah, of The Great Umbrella Heist!

Seeing as you are reading this, I suspect that you most likely have a set of multiples running around your house. And we all know what that means – you receive unsolicited comments every time you step outside your front door. I was unaware of this phenomenon having spent little to no time on the internet during my pregnancy with my triplet girls. Two of my girls were released from the hospital with me four days after their birth. My parents were there to assist and as our convoy rolled out of the elevator onto the main floor of the hospital, we received a barrage of obligatory newborn comments. You should have seen their faces when I said, “Number 3 is upstairs.” I had no idea that this was just the beginning.

I thought it would be entertaining to recap some of the funny comments we’ve received over the past two years with our triplets. We live in Massachusetts and I’ve been told by my acquaintances and co-workers, who have lived in other states, that we aren’t the friendliest of folks. I have to be honest with you – I don’t think we’ve received any negative or rude comments. Well, there was this one manly man who tried to say something mean. I was shopping alone with Allie at Target and his wife, who was with their singleton, asked how old she was. I added in that Allie was a triplet as an explanation for her small size. They ended up in line behind me where Wife promptly told Husband (aka Manly Man) that Allie was a triplet. “Can you imagine having three?” He mumbled something along the lines of being happy he didn’t have triplets. I suppose he had to prove his manly manliness to the lowly triplet momma.My husband and I both agree that our favorite comment was from the stranger at the Halloween walk who asked us if the girls were really triplets or just dressed the same to be triplets for Halloween. I didn’t quite know how to respond to that one at first.And then there was the pre-teen this past weekend, who kept saying, “But they look exactly the same,” after her mother asked if my girls were triplets.

Another favorite comment came from a neighborhood kid who asked if the girls were twins.When we told him that they were triplets, he responded, “Really? Cuz they sure do look like twins.” Last summer, my mom and I were shopping at Old Navy with the three girls. We were bombarded with questions and ended up chatting with a mom of a baby the same age as the girls. Ironically, her baby wasn’t with her but her pre-teen daughter was. The daughter, obviously having had assisted her mom with her baby sister, was in awe of three babies the same age. She asked me, “What do you do if all three are crying at once?” I responded, “Well, someone just has to cry for a bit.”

Apparently my mother and I look young for our age and there is sometimes a bit of confusion when we are out with the girls as to who is actually their mother. Strangers will look at me and then my mom and hesitantly ask, “Are they yours?” My mom is almost 60 years old!!! When the girls were newborns, I had a sweet grandmother-type strike up a conversation with me at the mall while my mom waited in line to buy subs for a late lunch. The girls were sleeping and I was hoping to inhale my sandwich before having to make another bottle. At the end of the conversation, the woman admitted that at first, she had thought that I was the girls’ big sister helping out but then, when she found out that I was their mother, she became all concerned because she thought I was 19 years old. I thanked her for the compliment and told her to add another 15 years onto that age. Be forewarned if you have yet to wander about with your Choo Choo Wagon. Rich, my husband, refuses to use it at stores because it attracts too much attention. People are constantly asking us where we purchased it and if we had to special order it. I used to tell them that they too could own a Choo Choo Wagon after a quick visit to Step 2’s website. I don’t have the heart (or the time) to them that the wagons are no longer being produced.

I’ll end this post with my personal favorite – when women look at my stomach and say, “You sure look good for having had triplets.”

What’s the funniest/most unusual comment you’ve received?

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  1. My favorite comment that I got from some one about my trips was, “So there are triplets. Does that mean they were born on the same day?”

    People are just too funny.

  2. My favorite comment that I get all the time is – After me saying that my boys are twins – they will say no they are not, they look nothing alike. How can that be? I explain that they are faternal and have simular features but completely differnt personalities!

  3. I get asked of my boy/girl twins…. “Are they identical?” I want to say…All except for the penis. lol But I say, no they are fraternal and move along.

  4. With my triplet- two are identical and one is fraternal. I get alot of “wow I didn’t know that could happen”. Sometimes I will explain how it all works and other times, I just smile.

    I also get the “you look great for having triplets”. I know it’s a compliement – but it makes me uneasy knowing someone is checking me out.

  5. my favorite is not so much a comment, but still funny. the other day we were outside playing in the front yard + a bus driver stopped the bus as she was flying by my house, stuck her head out the window + yelled, “are those triplets?!?!”

  6. It’s so hard to pick a favorite! I’m always amused when people ask me how far apart the boys are… Um… 1 minute each.

    Or when someone says “Are they all twins?”

    I hear you on the Choo Choo questions! I’ve made a little game of it when we go in public. When at the zoo with friends a couple of weeks ago I bet them I would be asked at least 5 times where I got the wagon. I was asked 6 🙂

  7. love all these comments. We recently had the twins at the zoo on their monkey leashes (OHNOOOZ!). A young-ish woman said behind my back,”I would never do that to my kid.” I, as politely as ever (snarf) turned to her and said, “Never say never, babe.” Ugh. People 😛

  8. My favorite two comments were:

    1. I’m pushing the triplet stroller – young guy looks at me, looks at the girls and says “that musta hurt!”

    2. My DH and I were out with our 5 (2 older plus triplets) in the grocery store – we’re pushing a cart, a stroller and two “shopper in training” carts – this woman says, “Do you have a permit to parade?” Cracked me up.

    Of course we’ve also gotten the great ones like “they’re twins except there’s three” – those are my favorite. And the arguments – are you sure they’re triplets? Yep, pretty sure unless the hospital snuck one in my abdomen when I wasn’t looking!!

  9. have 3 mo. old BBB triplets and overheard an young boy say the following to his dad, “Whoa, three babies. Dad how does that happen?”

  10. Charity Donovan

    A woman asked me once if they were twins and I replied “No, they are quadruplets.” Then (as she is staring at them in the choo-choo wagon) she says “QUAD-DRIP-LITS? How many is that…five?” Huuuuuh?
    I feel you on the choo-choo wagon. Most of the time my husband I will just take 2 twin strollers…it draws a lot less attention!

  11. I have twins, but have heard some good ones nonetheless…
    1) I teach 6th grade and one girl asked me if I was pregnant. I replied with a “yes, with two”. She looked at me with this shock-and-awe face and said, “Two BABIES?” like I should’ve replied with, “No, two cows. YES, two babies!”
    2) A co-worker looked at me when I was about 5 months along or so and said, “Oh, you look like you’re doing okay with this whole twin thing!” Um…yea…I really have no choice do I? Not that I would change a thing!
    3) And the best one? We were leaving the doctor’s office with our newborn twins and our 2 year old son. A random stranger looks at me and says, “I feel sorry for you!” To which I replied, “We consider it a blessing” in my most sugary-sweet voice I can muster. She then asks me, “Well, are you done now?” in this horribly rude tone. I looked at her and said, “You know, I haven’t decided yet.” Oh, the nerve of some people!

  12. The Carpenters- I would reply to the “I feel sorry for you” comment with “The feeling is mutual!”

    My story isn’t really mine, and it doesn’t involve multiples, but still fits the theme.
    Two women were out shopping, each with one kid in a stroller. When they came to one store, one of the women went in while the other waited outside with both strollers.
    A stranger passes and asks, “Are those twins?”
    Now get this: in one stroller there was a two year old boy and in the other, a newborn girl. The woman answers, “No.” So the questioner says, “Oh, right ,you can’t have boy/girl twins.”
    Disregarding all the glaringly obvious ignorant remarks, did he REALLY think a mother would be walking outside alone with twins in TWO SEPARATE STROLLERS?

  13. We have 5 children 6 and under, our twins being last(now almost 2). I have to laugh because every where we go, we get counted. The polite people do it silently, but it is always obvious. A lot of people question if they are all mine…in crazy places. We were in a shoe store trying on shoes for everyone recently. A lady(after counting to herself), said, “Are they all yours?” Um, no, I just gathered all the neighborhood kids to bring to the shoe store! We recently had to go to the ER when all 5 had high fevers. We walked in and the lady doing triage looked at us and asked if they were all mine. Seriously? Do people really take strange children to the ER?

    We get a lot of positive comments about how blessed we are. A few negative comments like “You know where they come from, right?” YES, obviously, we know REALLY well where they come from, buddy!

  14. My favorite was from a fellow grad student (completely removed from reality) when he saw a picture of my identical twins on my computer monitor: “Why did you photoshop that baby on the picture twice?”

  15. I really love the comments. It gives me some comfort that I’m not alone in wanting more or CRAZY!

    My most common ??s are:

    So you’re done now right? Two in one shot!


    So you’re going for the boy now right?

    The answer to both is it’s whatever God has in His plans, boy, girl 0, 1,2, or2. Wish me luck ladies 🙂

  16. people say I’m glad it’s you and not me all the time…especially now that the girls are two and going through one fo those stages…but I always say “So are they.”

  17. We have quads and the question that tops them all for me was ‘Do they all have the same father?’ I just wanted to say, ‘No, I was like a dog in heat.’ lol

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